Blind Items! Guess Which Housewife Says She Was Asked Back, Who’s Prompted A Drug Scare & More!

1. Which actor, currently traveling the globe doing publicity for his upcoming film, has sparked health concerns following a series of talk show appearances during which he was profusely sweating and dripping wet. And it’s likely not the heat of the stage lights that making him sweat.  It’s disappointing for his pals since he recently was much healthier.

2. Which newlywed TV personality has an upcoming project with a broadcast network and was adamant that she wanted to use her new surname, but network execs preferred her maiden name, since that’s who she’s known as. The TV personality wouldn’t have it, and eventually got her way.

3. Which former star of a Housewives franchise has been telling friends and colleagues that she was asked back to the show by Bravo head honcho @BravoAndy to infuse more drama into show, but after some soul-searching, decided to pass.

Comment below on who you think it is!