JUST IN: Madonna’s Stalker Captured! He Escaped Mental Hospital A Week Ago!

Madonna‘s former stalker, Robert Dewey Hoskins, who escaped an L.A.-area mental hospital has been caught. He also reportedly had been sending Halle Berry death threats recently, prompting her to consider moving to Europe.

He was found in Long Beach, near the facility in Norwalk, Calif., Friday morning by police, and went with them back to the hospital, without incident. In 1995, Hoskins was found scaling the wall of Madonna’s Hollywood Hills home, and his second visit to the house, he was shot by one of Madonna’s guards.

Last week police said Hoskins, 54,  “is a very psychotic man when not taking his medication and has very violent tendencies,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

Hoskins served a 10-year prison sentence after he was convicted of stalking and threatening Madonna. After Hoskins was released from state prison, he had an additional run-in with police — stemming from vandalism charges — that resulted in his arrest and placement at the state hospital in Norwalk.