MORE GISELE-GATE: Adriana Lima Defends Gisele’s Outburst!

Supermodel Adriana Lima has joined the leave-Gisele-alone camp!

Adriana, who is married to NBA player Marko Jaric, appeared on Fox & Friends today, and said bluntly about the attacks on Gisele for blasting her husband’s New England Patriots teammates,”Leave her alone!”

She added, “Being a celebrity, anything you do, you say, you’re being followed…it was a huge game, you know things happen.”

Lima said she appreciates the scrutiny Gisele is under, because “anything you do, by any movement” is tracked by the press, adding the spotlight adds “a lot of pressure.” to families.

Just In! 2 New York Giants Players Defend Gisele Bundchen’s Comments!

Surprise, surprise: A New York Giants player has defended Gisele Bundchen‘s comments slamming the rival New England Patriots.

“It’s cool, she’s defending her husband and I understand that. I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Victor Cruz told ET, of Gisele’s comments post-Super Bowl that her husband Tom Brady can’t carry the whole team. “I think she’s the only one who vocalized it [what New England fans were thinking], that’s why she’s probably getting the most grief about it.”

Fellow New York Giants player Christopher Snee chimed in, “You know, sometimes things are said. Obviously it’s a very disappointing loss for them and obviously she was upset for her husband, so …”

But what do the New England Patriots players think??


VIDEO: Gisele Bundchen Tells Off Super Bowl Heckler!

Don’t diss Tom Brady to wife Gisele Bundchen!

While at the Super Bowl stadium, a New York Giants fan screamed out, “Eli owns your husband!” Bundchen didn’t respond directly to the fan, but said out loud that “my husband can’t f****** throw the ball and catch it at the same time!” Very true.


SUPER BOWL: Kellan Lutz Defends Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady’s “Prayer Email”

Kellan Lutz has come to the defense of Gisele Bundchen‘s pray-for-the New England Patriots email.

Earlier in the week, some criticized the supermodel and wife of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after an email she sent to friends and family encouraging them to pray for her husband’s success in the Super Bowl game against the New York Giants was leaked.

“I found that very endearing,” Lutz said about the email. “Very sweet to have a wife do that for her husband and give that positive energy. I think we all need that in the world. To listen to the news broadcasters … be negative towards that, I think it is really (bad).”