NEW ‘SNL’ VIDEO: Watch Deleted Scenes From ‘Real Housewives Of Disney’ With Lindsay Lohan

NBC just released a “deleted scenes” video of the last week’s Saturday Night Live sketch, “Real Housewives of Disney,” featuring guest host Lindsay Lohan, and it’s even more hysterical than the sketch itsself!

Just In: Lindsay Lohan Skips ‘SNL’ After-Party…Stays Out Until 3 a.m…But Doesn’t Drink!

Lindsay Lohan missed a party?

Well, after she guest hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, she headed to New York’s Kibo Japanese Grill for a post-show dinner with the cast, and while Lindsay stayed until 3 a.m., she didn’t drink a sip of alcohol — plus, she passed on going to the after after-party at La Pomme, which went until breakfast time! (Guests at the dinner included Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, Jack White, Jon Hamm, and Jason Sudekis.)

“She stayed late, but wasn’t drinking,” a source tells the New York Post. “They had bottle of chilled water waiting for Lindsay at a private table at La Pomme, but she missed her own party.”

But says the source, “I think Lindsay didn’t want to go to a place where there would be lots of drinking.”

Surprise! Lindsay Lohan On Saturday Night Live…Ratings Jump 12 Percent!

Lindsay Lohan is ratings gold for Saturday Night Live!

The good news follows a morning of poor reviews of her performance: Ratings for the show — marking Lindsay’s first appearance as a guest host in six years — were up 12% over last week’s Maya Rudolph-hosted episode.

The only other episode that beat last night was the season premiere on January 7, hosted by Charles Barkley with musical guest Kelly Clarkson.

NEW VIDEO: Watch Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Promo!

Lindsay Lohan is returning to Saturday Night Live this week and there’s much anticipation if she’ll pull it off. But we got a preview of her comedic chops today, when SNL released this promo. In it, she poked fun of herself, saying she’s been living in the air ducts of the studio.

JUST IN: Lindsay Lohan To Be Interviewed By Today Show’s Matt Lauer Thursday!

Lindsay Lohan will be interviewed on the Today show by Matt Lauer on Thursday, two days before she hosts Saturday Night Live.

Lindsay and Matt have a bit of a rocky history: She canceled at the last-minute an interview with him last June. He had already flown to Los Angeles to conduct the interview at Lindsay’s home in Venice, where she was on house arrest, forcing him to return to New York.

Lindsay also began rehearsals on Monday for SNL.

NEW VIDEO: Lana Del Rey Spoofed By SNL’s Kristen Wiig

Lana Del Rey lashed out at critics of her January 14 Saturday Night Live appearance last night — sort of!

In fact, it was SNL cast member Kristen Wiig who appeared as the singer during the “Weekend Update” segment on last night’s show, hosted by Channing Tatum.

“I thought [I sang two songs], but based on the public’s response, I must have clubbed a baby seal while singing the Taliban national anthem,” Wiig, as Rey, told Seth Meyers. “I am not here to defend my performance. The public has spoken and I have to accept that.”

She added, “I think people thought I was stiff, distant and weird, but there’s a perfectly good explanation for that: I am stiff, distant and weird!” she said.