5 New Sofia Vergara Photos! She’s Esquire’s Cover Girl…My Breasts Are “Ridiculously Huge”

Sofia Vergara in a pictorial from Esquire magazine's April issue (James White)

How amazing is Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara?

She’s the cover girl for Esquire‘s April issue, and is featured in a pictorial shot by James White. Check out the interview here, in which she describes her breasts as “ridiculously huge.”



The New Celebrity Weekly Covers: Kim Kardashian, Snooki, Will Smith & Sandra Bullock…VOTE: Your Favorite?

Check out this week’s celebrity weeklies: Kim Kardashian as usual lands on a couple covers, and Star doesn’t disappoint with with its Will Smith cover — they love covering him and Jada! And of course, Us‘s cover with Snooki confirming her pregnancy has been the talk of the morning. And, of course, there’s People going a bit retro with its Davy Jones cover.

VOTE: The New Celebrity Weekly Covers…Which Is Your Favorite?

Lots of different covers this week: Which do you fancy? Kourtney Kardashian having a girl? Christina Aguilera‘s “private hell?” Or perhaps you’re a Bachelor aficionado or are captivated by Elizabeth Smart. Vote for your favorite below:

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