MAD MEN: Jon Hamm’s New Entertainment Weekly Cover!

Mad Men‘s back on March 25, and Entertainment Weekly‘s already gotten us jazzed up for it with this week’s new issue, featuring Jon Hamm aka Don Draper.

“I love going to work, so in that sense I could play Don for 100 years, Jon tells Entertainment Weekly. “But I realize we’re not on a treadmill, we’re on a thing that moves forward … and so I think these things should end, and they should end the way the guy that started it wants to end.”

The show’s creator and executive producer, Matthew Weiner, said of the upcoming season, “A lot of the decisions that Don makes may seem strange to the audience, but they’re going to seem strange to the people around him, too.”

He added, “He is coming into middle age, which was closer to old age back then. Existentialism is a young man’s game, and you can say what you want about how death nullifies things. But when you get closer to death, it starts to become more serious, and it’s harder to laugh it off and say, ‘I’m living for the moment.’”