How’s Lady Gaga’s Parents’ Restaurant? Awful!!….So Says The New York Post

Lady Gaga‘s family might want to think about their expansion into the restaurant business.

The Upper West Side Italian restaurant, “Joanne,” owned by her parents opened last night, and was ripped apart this morning by the New York Post.

“You’ll gag on the food at Gaga,” proclaimed the headline. The reviewer said it was a “2 1/2 hour meal that seemed like as many days.” He also wrote that there was “acid-smelling burnt vinegar wafting intermittently through the raucous dining room.” As for the staff, he wrote, “Much of the stuff, including the crew toiling in the open kitchen, seemed plucked from the ‘burbs…Clueless bussboys wandered the floor, performing no other function than to pour tap water into sparkling.”

The orecchiette was described as “one-note” and “flacid.”  And the veal was described as “unspeakably fatty.” Reviewer Steve Cuozzo wrote, “Appetizers took 50 minutes to arrive. Grilled calamari with bitter greens and radicchio were the worst I’ve have in a lifetime of squid-mongering, the salad unseasoned and the calamari like leather.”