WHINTEY HOUSTON AUTOPSY: Sedatives Found In Her Body, Preliminary Results Reveal

Whitney Houston had sedatives — specifically benzodiazepines — in her system, the preliminary results of her autopsy have revealed, RadarOnline.com is reporting.

The three drugs Whitney was reported to be taking — Xanax, lorazepam, and valium  — are all benzodiazepines. Some were found in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

“The preliminary results indicate that there were benzodiazepines present in Whitney’s system,” a law enforcement insider tells RadarOnline.com. “The final toxicology results will reveal the specific sedative(s) that she ingested, and the level. Those final toxicology results should be in later this week.

“Toxicology testing and results don’t take 4-6 weeks to come back. Look at how quickly toxicology screening tests are done in hospital emergency rooms when someone comes in with an overdose. The Coroner and the Beverly Hills Police Department have placed a security hold on the case, so it will be a few weeks before the results are revealed publicly.”

While toxicology results may take up to six weeks to be released, these preliminary results may be released this week.



JUST IN: Leslie Carter Autopsy ‘Inconclusive’….Family Suspects Overdose

An autopsy on Nick Carter‘s sister Leslie was inconclusive, but her family suspects a drug overdose is the culprit.

“There were no visible signs of trauma,” coroner Richard Mackowiak said. “We are awaiting a toxicology report to determine a cause of death … Results of the toxicology test are made public at the discretion of the family.”

But sources tell TMZ Leslie struggled with prescription medication addiction, and they suspect that she may have died of an overdose. Leslie recently moved from Toronto to nearby upstate New York so she can be closer to family and beat her addiction.

Leslie, who died Tuesday at 25, leaves behind her husband Mike and her daughter Alyssa Jane, who was born in April 2011.