JUST IN: Sammi Sweetheart Defends Snooki! “It’s Not Like She’s 16 And Pregnant!”

Sammi Sweetheart and Snooki (MTV)

Jersey Shore‘s Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola says her co-star Snooki‘s pregnancy may be a suprise — but she’s no teen mom!

“It’s not like she’s 16 and pregnant,” Sammi tells E!. “She’s doing her thing, she’s living her life and I just think she’s blessed. I can’t wait to see a little guido or guidette running around. I just think it’s going to be so exciting.”

And Sammi’s already planning the wedding details! “I think for Nicole, I can see her having a cheetah or zebra print-themed wedding because she loves animal print,” she said. “I’m excited for them. I just can’t wait to party for the wedding and do all the fun things she has coming in her life now.”

So what’s Sammi going to get Snooki Jr.? “If it’s a boy maybe some hair gel,” she said.”If it’s a girl, maybe some baby bronzer. I think it’s definitely going to be Jersey-themed.”


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