NEW INTERVIEW! Whitney Houston’s Goddaughter: ‘Bad People And Bad Press Is What I Feel Killed Her’


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Whitney Houston‘s goddaughter, actress Brandi Burnside, has broken her silence — and she isn’t mincing words about who’s responsible for her godmother’s sudden death.

“I don’t know how to say this, but those bad people and that bad press is what I feel killed her — she hated it,” Burnside tells The Insider. “She’s a human being. She has a life too…and all the ridiculing is what hurt her — that’s what drove her to not be here anymore.”

She also said of Whitney, “My godmother loved so hard and was such a good person.”

Brandi also downplayed the media’s speculation that Whitney was plagues by “demons.” She told The Insider, “I’m so glad to set the record straight that my godmother had no demons. She wasn’t fighting any demons. The only thing that she was doing was spreading and sharing love.”


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1 thought on “NEW INTERVIEW! Whitney Houston’s Goddaughter: ‘Bad People And Bad Press Is What I Feel Killed Her’

  1. whiteny hosuton goddaugter is right the pressd did kill whiteny houton her godmother im so sil deaved by her death miss her so much but im glad im glad i have wjiteny in my herat

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