Whitney Houston Biopic In The Works! Rihanna, Brandy, J-Hud, Jordin Sparks, Vivica Fox Being Considered

A Whitney Houston biopic is in the works — a project being led by Clive Davis — and the first task at hand is to find a leading lady.

A shortlist has already reportedly been drawn up. At the top? Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson (who performed “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammys, the day after Whitney’s death).

Also in the running? Vivica Fox, and Whitney’s Sparkle co-star Jordin Sparks. As is Brandy, whose brother Ray J., dated Whitney. Brandy also has a special connection to Whitney, as the late singer checked in on Brandy and Monica during their rehearsals in the days leading up to her death.

Clive is seeking to finalize a script for the biopic so shooting can begin as soon as possible.


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3 thoughts on “Whitney Houston Biopic In The Works! Rihanna, Brandy, J-Hud, Jordin Sparks, Vivica Fox Being Considered

  1. I truly bellieve it is too soon to consider a biopic of Whitney Houston, with the family still grieving. Everyone, is quickly focusing for the greed of money, instead of respecting the family wishes. It is so sad to see Whitney Houston, in her casket gone forever, but at the same time she look natural, and beautiful as though, she is just–simply sleeping. Could you imagine Whitney, daughter, or mom picking-up the National Enquirer in March to see Whitney again in her casket, but on the front cover while still grieving?

    The National Enquier is planning to underhandely, sell her picture to the public as the date is shown March 2012, on the front cover of the National Enquirer. Let us ask ourself the ultimate question, “Would you like for someone to go against your family wishes, and take a picture of your love one (God forbid) if he, or she were in a casket?” We should continue to celebrate the “Greatest Love of All” wtih respect, love, and dignity, who gave her fans the greatest music from her heart.

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