JUST IN: Hotel Staffers Fired For Talking To Press About Whitney Houston! VOTE: Should They Have Been?

The fall-out from Whitney Houston‘s death two weeks continues: Now, a group staffers at the Beverly Hilton — where Whitney died on Feb. 11 — have been fired for talking to the press about the singer’s death.

Those staffers were “immediately reprimanded by the hotel and subsequently lost their jobs,” reports RadarOnline.

A source adds, “The hotel employees that talked to the media were fired because they violated hotel policy…They weren’t high level employees, but the hotel didn’t want anyone to talk about Whitney’s tragic death.”

While these employees have been fired, there’s no word yet about the fate — let alone identity — of the individual who violated Whitney’s final moments and took a photo of her in her casket, which is on the cover of The National Enquirer.

What do you think? Should the hotel staffers have been fired?


UPDATE: Whitney Houston Funeral Home: We Did NOT Leak  National Enquirer Photo!

NEW PHOTO: The National Enquirer‘s Cover With Whitney Houston On The Cover

BREAKING WHITNEY HOUSTON UPDATE: Aretha Franklin Breaks Her Silence: I Was Not Banned From Whitney’s Funeral…And Cissy & I Are As Close As Ever!

36 thoughts on “JUST IN: Hotel Staffers Fired For Talking To Press About Whitney Houston! VOTE: Should They Have Been?

      • Thank You~ Joyce, for your comment on privacy, I sh post this comment to a
        a guy friend on my Fb,that is getting a few coments
        by being a comedian, out of Disrespect for Whitney !!

    • Company policy is POLICY. If you are hired under those conditions, don’t try to change the policy at your convenience. Abide by Co Policy or GET OUT!!!!

    • That’s what’s wrong with the world today, too much “freedom of speech” and we don’t know what to speak about. The things that we need to be speaking out about, we don’t address.

    • i agree, her actions led to the staffers talking. everyone knew how erratic she was but nobody did nothing to stop her. you give people your love while they are alive dont wait until they die to try and preach them in heaven. yes, she was a superstar but in the end she is like all the rest of the world, God does not play favorites. When Adam and eve disobeyed, He threw them out of the Garden of Eden never to return. I cannot fathom why people think that this she not have happen or talked about. She was one in a million and drugs/alcohol was more important. My heart goes out to her mom and daughter but now the tears should be over. staffers talk to the press when celebrities are nice so what is the difference they can talk when it is political correcft. i said hogwash. whatever whitney did, should not be treated like homeland security. people act as if she was in witness protection. some of those so called love ones like clive davis should have put her on a plan back to rehab. all he was doing was sponging off the myth and had she not died so soon she would have no doubt been living on the streets. so soon out of rehab and you are going somewhere that alcohol and drugs flows like wate. Yes it is sad, but things should be put in proper perspective and the truth told. All anyone can think of that song in the Bodyguard. that was not the real whitney and we who are still alive have to deal with it until our time has come.


  1. “The hotel employees that talked to the media were fired because they violated hotel policy…

    yes they should have been..policy is policy

    • everyone is tallking about whitney. as well as she was loved she created her untimely demise and instill of covering up, talk about it and maybe it might save her daughter, other young muscicians and young people in general. she is gone forever and nothing can be done about it.

  2. I had the most beautiful dream prior to the funeral, Whitney was on a balcony outside of a dark oak door with a stained glass window that was so beautiful. It was as if heaven could be seen through it, Whitney came out of the door with her hair up and a long dress on, she looked stunning. She said do not worry about me I am fine and happy, she lifted her arms from her sides as if up to heaven, she then made a waving motion with her hands as if about to fly upon going back through the door. She waved and left eagerly. Whitney had her problems, sadly, but it the memory of her voice that will live on, she was human. She is somebody’s daughter, and Mother friend and family. She made mistakes, she was led wrongly whether by choice or others, but her soul is free from harm, pain and addiction. She is in heaven now, I thought to myself? She was to attend the Grammy’s her voice was not the same, that must have been heartbreaking for her and she was always trying to chase the voice. Maybe? God said “enough my child, you are coming home to me”. She could have gone to the Grammy’s embarrassed herself and been the negative talk of the evening. That evening sadly she died, but the emphasis was on her being spoken positively at the Grammy’s and how special she was, it is no good focusing on blame life is a collective of choices your choice you choice, we all make wrong mistakes. Now although Whitney has passed, finally at peace, rid of her demons, the family can focus on Bobbie a young girl who had to be the Mother, friend and foe, she took on her Mothers problems began the creation of her own. With hope? Bobbie can move forward in her life…with hope? All that supposedly loved Whitney can intervene and assist and realize although there is such a thing as learned behavior there can also be positive change. Let us hope there is. May God watch over you Whitney may God guide you Bobbie, poor Cissy, may your heart be at peace with knowledge you will all meet again….please do not fret for me, I merely sitting with Angels sipping tea. Such a beautiful classy funeral.. Love a Scouser from Liverpool England.

      • So its cool to say only Black people have problems with booze… Ill take that as a compliament since mostly white people are crack heads…

      • Excuse me? Black ppl aren’t the only drug addicts ors acholics… u ignornat ass person… what about elvis, amy winehouse, anna nicole smith, need i go on… every race and all ppl hve their vices, so dont try to call out black ppl.. hell we cant afford the shit most of the time!

      • Black people have a problem with booze and drugs? Who and what the fuck are you? I will take the booze shit as a compliment too because most White people are white trash, dirty, and dope fiends!

      • The black community has a problem with booze? Most PEOPLE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BOOZE! What and who the fuck are you? I will take that as a compliment also because White people are trashy, dirty, and USUALLY DOPEFIENDS! Have a good day!

      • Wow only black people have a problem with booze? What kind of crazy comment is that? The whole world has a problem with alcohol. it does’t matter what race. God bless you ignorant behind.

      • What’s wrong with you Robin? What is wrong with you. The question is, “how an we fix people like you? What can we do?

      • I am absolutely outraged by this comment (black people have a booze problem) I am a white female with lots of friends from all nationalities, how dare you make such a racist comment, It’s ignorant people like you who need a lesson in behaviour and you are one of the reasons we still have racists in this country, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself!!!

    • i hope whitney did make it to heaven, no one knows but God. But to tell the truth, i am pissed because God gave her a wonderful gift and for whatever reasons she threw it away. no one forced her. and i believe bobbie brown took a lot of heat for whitney to save her career. plus a recovering addict as she didnt need to be at the grammys nor taking her daughter with her drinking with the daughter. bobbie kristina should be in school. such a loving mother and noting was ever said about the child’s education. yes, it was a terrible tragedy and it was compounded by the fact that her voice was gone. but that does not mean she could not trained other vocalist. she could have given back to the industry that made her The Voice. I feel sorry for everyone who was close to Whitney because i really dont think no one knew how bad her addiction was albeit she went to rehab but a drug addict can be very sly, cunning. and manipulative when asked about their durg use as sure as her mother probably did. I cant understand the Whitney’s of this world with people hungry, cant get medical care, losing their homes, and they destroy their own bodies for what? It is too much for me to comprehend and i believe whitney had a problem before she became famous. i do not think bobbie brown turned her on drugs, i think that is why she married him to keep the allusions going and now all is coming out and it is not good. All these people who say they loved her, falling out, with the resources that they have, whitney could have been claimed incompetent and placed in a detox facility not one of those fluff places. I feel sorry for her mother and daughter because i know their hearts are breaking.

      • It is amazing how people talk here on this comment blog as if they knew Whitney Houston on a oersonal basis and truth is…none of us knew anything about Whitney other than what the media displayed and the media is full of propoganda and political fallacies for the purpose of monetary gain and ratings. Whitney Houston was a full grown woman who chose to make her own decisions just as any grown person does. Clive Davis and no one else could have made her go to rehab if she was not willing to go. As of yet no one knows what happened to Whitney that caused her passing, only God does, and He is the giver and taker of all life. Just as Whitney’s time on this earth came to a close, so will every human being that is born. So it really doesn’t matter what anyone says about Whitney ot what people may think about her life and how she chose to live it because nothing can hurt or harm her now; not drugs, and not the opinonated words of people who doesn’t have anything better to do than to make repeated comments about Whitney’s life and what she should have/could have done differently. “He/she who is without sin or fault cast the first stone.” (I don’t hear no stones being casted about). Just as I thought. Now is the time for people to embrass one another and stop being so critical of people. Sound to me like we have a Whitney Houston hater on board this ship, and remember this one thing you critical one. “No one is exempt from falling down.” But thanks be to God that His grace and mercy has already paid the price for our faults.

        People stop wasting your time with assumptions and prolonged rhetorical dialogue about what you think you know about Whitney Houston because unless you knew her innermost thoughts, her heartfelt compassions and her relationship with God you don’t know anything about her. Think positively and turn your opinions into prayers for the family, friends and admirers that are in mourning at this time. Because when you really think about it, will your comments matter to Whitney? and what is the likelihood that anybody affiliated with her will read or care about what any of us write on a blog. God bless and be good to yourselves and others.

  3. i dont think it should have caused there jobs. But rules are rules. really who wouldnt have went home and told someone that a star died at a hotel where they worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it real you guys but love you and will always miss u whitney!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The employees should not have talked to the media about Whitney. Their comments could have been taken out of context and some how implicated their employer, the hotel. In these types of situations, it is better to have a spokesperson who represents the hotel talk to the media.

    It think that it’s likely that the employees used Whitney’s death to get their 15 minutes of fame, which I feel is disgracdeful.

  5. Most companies have a policy against unauthorized employees speaking to the media regarding anything that affects the business. The action taken by the company was most appropriate.

  6. Too many people have too many assumptions. Whitney Houston will be missed the voice the media talking. But most of all pray for the family and daughter and mother that they will be able to get on with their lives with strength and encouragment

  7. I have read each and every comment. Whitney Houston was a woman — a woman that fell in love. You can’t help who your heart attach itself to. If you take away the fame and glory — what do you have? A woman that fell in love with a bad boy. It is unfortunate that she is gone, how terribly sad. But if you look at her interview with Barbara Walters, Whitney said, ‘Crack is cheap and I make too much money to smoke crack — crack is wack.’ She admitted that she used other drugs, but would not comment on what they were. Just from her interviews, and yes –Anonymous you are absolutely correct – I did not know Whitney personally, but from the interviews I observed, I got the impression that she was a woman that was not easily influenced and a woman that made her own decision, so to blame Bobby Brown for her being on drugs is wrong. (And I don’t even like his trifling ass — but it is still wrong). I often wonder how much of life we give up, just by living. Our days are already numbered, maybe her number was 48 and maybe not? Either way, every thing you do in life have a price. Sometimes, the price seems unreasonable. So before you judge and come off with your insensitive comements– TAKE A REALLY GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR AT THE LIFE YOU ARE LIVING.

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