NEW PHOTO: Whitney Houston Coffin Photo On National Enquirer Cover…VOTE: In Bad Taste?


Whitney Houston In Her Casket On The Cover Of The National Enquirer





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A photo purportedly showing Whitney Houston in an open coffin has been published on the cover of this week’s National Enquirer.

The casket photo shows Whitney lying dead in her golden casket, wearing a purple dress and a diamond broach and earrings. Also, she’s reportedly was  wearing jewels worth $500,000 and had gold slippers on her feet,

The picture is believed to have been taken inside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, where her family attended a private wake last Friday. The magazine claims the photo was taken at the private viewing.



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1,004 thoughts on “NEW PHOTO: Whitney Houston Coffin Photo On National Enquirer Cover…VOTE: In Bad Taste?

      • She died as she lived, on stage. There is no harm seeing her dead in her casket. At least it gives her legions of fans closure. You see her there resting and you take away a feeling of peace. Yes, she’s resting now. RIP, Whitney,

      • if it was alright 2 do,why didnt they ask the family?the person that helped the paper make the money should be ashamed,what kind of person makes money off death?was it someone with the funeral home?i’m sure whomever it was,they were in a position of trust!!!!

      • I think whoever stole the phono shoould be found and prosocuted. and the family should sue the low down paper Bs for printing it. let Whitney rest in piece. Damn gold diggers, distasteful

      • Karen M Foster Its “DIGNITY” If I should fail, if I succeed, at least Ive lived as I believe. No matter what they take from me, they cant take away my DIGNITY……

      • I feel that it was entirely disrespectful to publish this photo. What can you expect from these people who have disrespected us as a people when we are alive. Surely they would not honor the families wishes on her untimely demise.

      • to grace foster sue for what? a picture that was taken and sold to the enquirer i think its so funny. if they sue they will be sueing who took the picture check with the relatives…lol someone made some money honey….soooo funny

      • Absolutely poor taste! Just how much lower can one get in photographing bodies of diseased celebrities? Not even in death they have any right to privacy. When a celebrity dies the media does not have to confirm to their fans in order to rub it in their faces that they are dead. This just makes it more depressing for their families including their fans alike. Any devoted fan would prefer to remember their loved ones in life. Anyone who instigated this idea must be a sick, twisted, evil, ruthless, unscrupulous sub-human. That demented, psychopath of a person must also be out for blood!

      • What’s the big deal? Her family should’ve had a public funeral after all the public we the ones buying her records, from personal experience i own all of them, going back 28 years ago and still enjoy listening to her songs, rest in peace Whitney i’m devastated but that “one moment in time” will live forever in my heart.

      • I think the family is mad because someone beat them to the punch!!!!!!!!! Poor Whitney I know she is happy now!

    • I think this is sad. Yes, we all wanted to know what she looked like….however…. what about her daughter. Not only will this image be in her mind for the rest of her life, but now its in print. who ever sold this should be ashamed of themselves

      • I totally agree………….what about the daugther & Mrs Cissy. Some low life stole this faimilies precious privite moment for profit then the slezzy magazine sold it for a profit and also in the name of satisfing the publics courisousity and to get closeure. For all the people that don’t see any harm in this they really need to get a life. What if it was there mother they wouldn’t be so quick to say no harm is seeing her affer all she looked good or she live like she died on stage. That is so not the point. Whitney’s mother did not want this. This socity seems to have lost all respect for what is right and wrong.

      • it aready in her daughters mind she saw the body up close and personal.she will be fine she saw and went through much more when her mother was alive.

      • I think its sad that people would do that just to get money I think the family should sue the company

      • I think when you choose to be in the music industry there are certain rights that are automatically taken from you and privacy is one of them. What about all of us who was not invited to the funeral? Do all of you nay Sayers believe we the fans do not need closure also? If it wasn’t for the fans there would be no Whitney Houston to the masses. People get off your high stick and realize that life is suppose to be rejoiced.


      • I agree, what if Whitney wouldn’t have wanted to be seen layin dead in a coffin, drippin in gold or not. Only my opinion, but why bury $500,000 worth of jewellry and gold slippers?? Why not donate that amount to her fave charity? I’m sure there are enough homeless and hungry people in America. Only my opinion as i say, but they should be ashamed of themselves and to claim the rights of the funeral so it can be released on DVD. To me it’s all about the cash flow!! And why srip the room she died in of bed sheets, blankets etc so people can’t claim them and sell them but yet leave the bathtub that she died in?? i’m sure they were once a normal family until money took over!

      • Nice picture, she looks like she was. What is wrong about this ? In Belgium you can visite a death human person for a last greet…in USA ?

      • Just for the record and not offend anyone but I have been at many wakes for African Americans and they themselves take pictures of their dead in the casket. I dont know if splashimng it all over a magazine is what her daughter would be ready to see right away but they do take pictures at wakes. The first time I went to one it was very shocking to me but I have been to 3 all together and all 3 times, pictures were taken at the wake.

      • I agree. She was someone’s,friend &,cousin. Being in the public eye doesn’t mean she needed to be shown to all. Remember the family didn’t even need to let there be an open service. As a family they were nice enough to let us in.Before she became a star she was their family. Think how you would feel if someone came in to the service of your loved one and took a picture .Then took it to the newpaper to be placed on the front cover. Onl;y differance between Whitney and everyone else is her job was to let her VOICE shine.

      • Daughter?????? What about her? She didn’t have the respect to stay sober. She was HIGH right after the ceremony. Talking about ASHAMED.

      • I think this is a much better image then maybe what shes seen in the past. A drunk, high crack head mother. Everyone seems to have forgotten that part.

      • That is so true that family wanted privacy and whoever took this picture and made money from it is so disrespectful.yes we wanted to her but not like this.

      • To all the people that are disagreeing with this,Then why are you on here where the Picture is at. And yes it was wrong, But she will always be loved no matter what, Do I feel for the Family of course I do, But Now whats done is done. And now her Family may be able to start to Heal. My Prayers are still going out to them all.

      • I am sure a family member took the picture with the idea of money to made here. and money was made. Its over and done. I say catch the family member . It was family member before I would accuse funeral home. Big money went into someones hands

      • Honestly,

        I think this is completely distasteful. Yes, we get it – okay she’s a celebrity. However, imagine being her daughter, mother, sister or anyone else that was actually close to her and is grieving right now. Perhaps, this is not the image that they want to remember her by. Now it has been publicly exposed for the world so, there is no escaping it. It is all about respect. Would you want to keep reliving the moment when your own mother was lying in the casket against your will? If the photo was their decision fine. Obviously, it was not and it is completely intrusive and inappropriate. Just try to understand from the family’s perspective. This deeply saddens me. I did not want to remember her this way either and I don’t even know her personally.

        Just Horrible.

      • PRIVATE VIEWING is what some people are ignoring. PRIVATE means private. Her viewing is no longer private. The paper should pay for this mistake. Getting rich by others grief is in a way theft. They should be prosecuted for it. And if the paper doesn’t give up the person who did this then the person who bought and paid for it should go to jail. As for the jewelry, I doubt very much if she was buried with it. Usually all the jewelry stays on until after the viewing and is then removed before the coffin is closed.

      • I agree this picture was so disgusting but worse what will Bobbi think when she sees this?
        This poor child has been through so much pain already.Why is it the poparozzi feels they need to take photos of this type?Why is it they have an uncontrollabe need to stay in their place and give Whitney’s family-esp Bobbi-respect and give him their privacy? Whitney is an
        icon.Her family deserves to have privacy. How would the press like it if the death of their child,and/parents were spread across the headlines? In the end,Whitney not just a celebrity but she was a mom,and a daughter. She was a human being. I sure hope-not really-the is worth , money they will receive for this totally hurtful and nonrespectful photo,haunts them the rest of their lives. More over,the person at the Enquirer who requested this photo rot in hell and FOR SHAME be written across their forehead.What an ignorant and the fact that they chose to intrude on Whitney’s family privacy is the most-almost the most-despicable thing the press can do.May they rot in hell.You SOBES!!!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE wHITNEY.

      • why do we humans always try to be inconsiderate all the time…….where has moral values gone? why can we respect someone else’s respect…..did this person take time out to study her daughter & mother’s state of mind……SHAME ON YOU……my condolences to Bobbi Kristina & Ms. Cissy Houston……..thank you for sharing your angel with us….RIP Whitney….Earth is grieving….Heaven is rejoicing

      • l concur… condolences to Bobbi-Kristina & Ms. Cissy Houston……thank you for sharing your angel with the world……Earth is grieving….& Heaven is rejoicing……RIP Nippy

      • I totally disagree, Whitney Houston was a shining star, and people want closure for themselves. I understand the family wanted privacy to mourn, and they deserve that, but now the people that were not allowed to attend can get a FINAL glimpse at the wonderful person that she was.This was a way to say their final goodbyes. I completely disagree with the fact that someone probably made a pretty penny off of this, but I am sure that the family wouldn’t have allowed it. One of the bad things about being a celebrity is that they are always in the limelight. That is the cost that you pay for being a celebrity. I think that it is very appropriate that National Enquirer publicized the Final pics of her, I just don’t care for the way that they went about it. Knowing the filth that this rag represents, I am sure that it was underhanded, but until it has been determined who did it, it could have been anyone, including a family member, we should be happy that we were able to say goodbye properly.

      • I so wanted to know how she looked and be there as well. I loved her dearly, but to do a thing like this should be illegal. They should investigate this until they find out who did this. This is and was to be private. It is so unfair to her family and to me. I feel that she had no way of hiding and for the Enquirer to stoop to this level makes me hate their publication even the more. The publisher and the photographer should be prosecuted!!! As I type this I know how it would go or should I say, I think I know, they will probably say it is not a law against it. These are just feelings we weigh in on and feel that it is distasteful. So if it is not a law, it should be now written as one. The Whitney Law!!, which would make it a punishable crime to scrutinize in such a manner.

      • I am so happy that you want to throw Whitney’s mother in jail because she probably sold the pics along with the memorial service

      • Of course she did! Except she may have been to high to remember. What is Bobbi Kristina going to do now? He mother who she used to get high with is gone. Maybe she will get a proper role model in her life?

      • to me honestly people is so stupid , why you buried a person with jewelery are they taking that to hell cause definetely to heaven doesn’t goes.
        Is good that this kind of pictures goes world wide and enquiere magazine is doing them and us a favor.
        if you don’t understand the message this is the message : enjoyed your life and spend your friken money in life within normal limits otherwise hide from your past your present your future robbers and from hell …….l!!!!!!!!!!

    • does anyone here notice that this photo is FAKE????? whitney houston was not in a brown casket!!! look carefully at the photo in the funeral home. that casket is brown. ms houston was buried in a shiny silver casket w/gold handles!!!!

      • The casket may have somewhat of a “brownish” look to it due to the lack of lighting in the room or due to the angle of the picture.


      • The casket looks brown because of the poor lighting in the funeral home, the casket was actually gold and silver. May her soul Rest in Paradise!

      • It is definitely her casket.. It has Nippy and music symbols on the inside. The lighting of the room just makes it look like the coffin was dark but it was definitely her coffin.

      • i laughed when i heard of the photo floating ,and said it was photo chopped. if it was private and for the family only; there shouldn’t even be photos because they were there. it would suit the magazine company right if the Houston family released their own photos (if any taken )and Whitney was donned in a totally different attire. i believe the photo is FAKE and the magazine should pay a hefty price for publishing it.

      • That casket is way shiny to me. I can see where you would think it could be brown in places but I see shine and think the lighting has alot to do with it. If it IS real, she looks beautiful.

      • It’s not fake and they didn’t bury her with $500,000.00 worth of gems. Those items were removed before they closed the casket. Just use your brain. You think for one moment, if that statement were true, they’d have to guard the grave 24/7.

        What concerns me is, how many people believe what they read or hear. What’s sad is they vote that way, which is why all the wrong people get into office.

      • I agree ..that casket is not only the wrong color…..its very long almost like there is two caskets put together.

      • This could be a FAKE picture but I watched the whole 4 hours and her casket was bronze (in the brown family) with gold handles not Silver. Regardless this picture fake or not shouldn’t have been on the front page of NOTHING!!!!!! My heart goes out to Whitney’s family.

      • Photo does not have to be fake. If really taken at a funeral home the casket she was in did not have to be that one that was hers. This photo could have been part of the body prep stage. Either way what does it matter the women is gone. Folks are leaving this life in droves. I’m still trying to get over HeavyD, and Phoebe Snow.

      • Look closely at the far away shot, her casket is too long. Not unless the family ordered a longer one so they could put stuff with special meaning in it. If this is a fake I hope the family publicly says so.

      • The pic is real and the casket in the photo looks like the casket on t.v. but she does look nice.

      • commentators at the funeral said the casket was copper. It sure did look very shiny under all those lights. OMG, when those paul bearers carried her out on there shoulders with her song playing I will Always Love You, It really was the climax of her life and legacy. R.I.P. Ms Houston.

    • That’s besides the point,
      the family had a private funeral for a reason, not for this to get out.
      what do you expect from a tabloid rag, this pic is going to bring them more hits and they know the more the hits the more money these blood suckers get.
      RIP Whitney


      • Actually the funeral was live,the viewing and burial were private,maybe you need to pay attention before you speak in all capitals,I saw the funeral and the casket was closed,viewing was the prior day.

        “The picture is believed to have been taken inside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, where her family attended a private wake last Friday. The magazine claims the photo was taken at the private viewing.”

        Wish people would pay attention to what the article says before spewing a bunch of crap.

      • At the end of the day people just don’t understand what mourning is all about until they actually lose someone that famous and the definition of private. her legacy will continue to leave on Learning to love yourself and that’s the greatest gift from god.

      • Who ever sold this picture was greedy for money and you didnt love Whitney at all. Why would you do a such a horrible thing and sell this picture of her in the casket. Dont cast your Lots in the fire. The family is grieving their lost of Whitney and you are out making a profit. So if you died would you want someone posting pictures of you in your final resting stage. No you wouldnt. To the Houston family my prayers are with you always. Bobbi Kristina your mother spirit will forever live in you. My prayers are with you and seek God during this time his love and guidance will care you on forever

      • My question is was Bobby Brown at the viewing? He would be just the one to sell her out one last time for big bucks. He needs the money, and he cares about no one but himself. Check his phone records.


      • You are an idiot. What about her family. They had a private viewing for a reason, and for you to sit here and say you deserve to see her body just shows what is wrong with this world today. Who cares if you were a fan in the grand scheme of this woman’s life you knew nothing about her except for what you saw on tv and in magazines. She just like you is a human being and does not deserve her dead body plastered all over the internet. If you were truly a fan you would have respect for her and her family and see that this is disgusting.

      • yep i gotta agree with you. i cant see what is sickening about the pic, its not as if half her face was hanging off….that would be sickening. instead you see a very peaceful, beautiful whitney, that should bring comfort to all those who loved her inc her fans. fans of james brown didnt kick off when he was put on view in his coffin, as other celebs have been shown too. so why kick off because of this. her mother and daughter have seen her, as everyone else has in her coffin, and surely that must bring them so much comfort seeing her sleeping peacefully.

      • OMG I really can not believe you had the audacity to say that this invasion of a family’s privacy was a “a damn good one” Get real for a minute. The woman sold millions of albums, received hundreds of awards, and was an international superstar. The Houston family gave us their daughter for 30 years, we can’t give them a week? They DID give us a camera in the church and they really didn’t have to do THAT. Death is a personal heartache for family and friends that know the deceased the most. We knew the celebrity Whitney, the diva, the actress, the songstress. They knew “Nippy” from Jersey. When I found out she died, I was more distraught about that than anything else. I literally could not focus. But “I hope they post her funeral on tv” did not cross my mind. Yes, I did watch and was thankful the family allowed the fan’s a “seat” in the church, but again…they really didn’t have to do THAT much. People have lost touch with humanity. Yes, we have celebrities and with Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias, you get to see alot more of their lives than you did Marilyn Monroe. But in the end, especially when you’re talking about death, people need to realize that this is still a human being with a family and close friends. Posting a picture of a dead HUMAN BEING, not celebrity, for the world to see and entertainment shows to talk about is cruel to the family, heartless, and is obviously feuled by greed for the mighty dollar. When you see obituaries in your newspaper, you don’t see the person’s dead body posted next to the article. It’s a pic of them alive. Celebrities can’t have that same courtesy? Remember what they looked like ALIVE.

        This pic just ruined my day.

      • I am in between on this one…. I totally agree about the fans.. I being one since DAY ONE! If this IS indeed her, which it does look like her by the eyes because Ive ALWAYS admired her make up, I will always remember the shape, so thats the first thing I looked at.. Her eyes….. I agree that had it not been for the fans there would be no Whitney, which is y I hate them saying they shared her with us. Not so, we were the support system helped her success not her family. They benefited from us and still are. I really hope this is her, because she is BEAUTIFUL! Because in all of the other last photos she just didnt seem to be herself. So Im kinda happy sumone leaked so that we could carry a beautiful, peaceful image as well. And Im sure some of her other celeb friends that didnt c her like Ray J r happy as well. For all others bashing the fam member, ur no better than what ur calling them because u chose to be nosey and come look and deeply inspect the photo yourself so u guys need to just hush and be happy with the rest of us!!!

      • My, my , my. While using all caps like a fool. Read a book and learn to spell. You are terrible sweety.

    • While I do agree, she looks absolutely beautiful and at peace, the fact that a trusted member of her inner circle, would actually not only take a picture of her body, but then sell the photo is disgraceful. I immediately felt regret at looking at it myself. It’s morbid and disrespectful to her family. They shared her funeral, the least we could afford them is the privacy of her in her casket. If it were my family member on display for the curious, it would only add more sadness to the profound grief they are already going through.

      • I had the same thought, but don’t you think that possibly and employee or someone posing as an employee could have gotten close enough to get this photo with some kind of hidden camera. I think it’s awful, but I’d rather that than think it was a member of her family or a close friend. I can’t imagine that. I wish this photo was not out there, but of course I looked and was relieved to see that she looked absolutely beautiful. The sad thing is that she was looking so beautiful and healthy lately. I truly believe that her death was accidental and due to the all too common combination of wine with anti-anxiety meds, nothing more. This could happen to anyone. Everyone I know is on an antidepressant and has a glass of wine when they’re out. People, stop doing that and never get into a bath when you’ve done that. A tragic accident. I do believe she was working hard and looking forward….she told Clive she was going to study with a vocal coach and get in shape. This was not a woman in a downward spiral. So sad.


      • Could it be that a staff member at the funeral home snapped the pic when no one was there and sold it to that rag paper? Hey,anything is possible. Whatever the case,someone made a boatload of cash. Whitney,thank you and Rest in Peace…

      • Did it ever crosss your mind they may have gotten $ for letting them broadcast the funeral?? Damn, you don’t think the networks donated the time do you?

      • Whoever took the picture was wrong for not getting permission to do so. But the picture the picture was simply beautiful of Whitney lying there. She looks so peaceful and at rest. Now she is with her Lord in peace.

      • just because she’s dead does not mean she can’t still look beautiful. in fact, she looks very at peace and beautiful. i pray wherever she is, she is at peace.

    • No respect for the family; private means PRIVATE regardless of others desire to have one last look at Lady Whitney Houston. this is WRONG!!!

    • This type of disrespect is so wrong! Private viewing means PRIVATE! Whoever took that picture and sold it to that trashy magazine may you rot in HELL!

      • Tippy, And what should “we” people who sorta kinda wanted to see Whitney one last time do? Shall we rot in HELL too? If we are posting here, then we all looked at her picture, am I right? Where I come from, we always have open caskets in our family–it allows closure for us. But, if a family member requests a closed casket then we respect that. I could have gone on living without seeing this picture of Whitney who did look beautiful and at rest. But, it still doesn’t make it right. If we are posting here, then we all let the temptation to look make us view the pic so maybe we should all rot in hell? What do you think Tippy?

      • and………………if anyone gives Bobby Brown a book deal about his life with Whitney, I hope there’s seats reserved in HELL for them. This is so wrong, but it is a drop in the bucket to the disrespect and outrage to come if someone gets down in the gutter with him. Lets stay in prayer for the family and hope to God that Bobby Brown doesn’t jump on this money making band wagon. As you know he is searching around for a book deal.

      • Tippy, I concur with your feelings. That feeling of undeniable loss and the indignation that erupts within us when we are FORCED to view images of someone we admired and personally connected to.

        There is this feeling of helplessness we are left to deal with, just as it is sometimes with our family and beloved friends that leave our lives too soon. All we have left to give them is our passionate resolve to protect their dignity.

        I respect that very much. They deserved in death what they did not receive in life.

        Im reminded of something my beloved grandmother said to me when I was young, she said “people were not created to be famous” ” and when they become famous, they lose the privacy that every human should be allowed the dignity of.”

        Whitney belonged to her family but she opened herself up to the ‘trappings’ of fame…and when you sell yourself into that arena, she agreed to become a commodity; merchandise. Unfortunately for this beautiful woman; this unmatchable songbird, her ‘church upbringing’ nor her naively prepared her for the ‘Bobby Browns’ of the world surrounding her.

        Because of her inexperience, she sold herself into a personal slavery and it killed her.

        Tippy, she sold herself into the benefits, as well as the trappings of being famous.

        All those ugly pictures and invasions of what should be private, are the price of fame.

    • I’d like to know who leaked the photo. I’m a fan ,but I would have never leaked a photo especially since the family wanted private! We don’t own any stars they share their talent, leave it there! Much as some of may have loved her , her family LOVE HER MOST!
      I’m sorry for whom ever done this….no mean no! Her family cared enough about the fans to have us part of funeral.
      I’ve lost parents and other family . I would be livate!

      • Elvis Presley’s own cousin took a photo of him in his casket back in 1977 and did it for money.
        People also said that was not him in the casket. Kinda looks like, here we go again. I was around back in 77 and remember all of that very well. I bet a lot of people here don’t even remember that. It will be forgotton about in a few days. Just as soon as Nancy Grace finds something new to go after.

      • Jerry…will you PLEASE stop talking about Elvis Presley. You have made the same comment about them doing this to Elvis back in 1977 about 3 or 4 times (that I’ve seen so far) and no one is replying back to you about it, which means that NO ONE CARES!!!! So STOP commenting about it!!!!

    • It doesn’t matter if she looks GREAT or not. That was a privite moment, not ment to be seen by the WORLD. Ultimately Whitney was someones child and someones mother. My thoughts go out to Whitney’s Mother and daugther. I hope that who ever took this picture and profitied from her death rotts in hell but only after their death photo is splashed across a national magazine for the world to see.

      This is a prime example of what is wrong with the world today. No one seems to give a damn about the next person. To take advantage of someones death and cause even more heart break to Whitney Mom & daugther is simply the lowest of low.

      To the snake in the grass that STOLE this families prescious privite moment enjoy the “death money” while you can. Just remember that everyone must cross the river of death and be judged on the other side for the things you did good or otherwise.

      • If u r so angry at the person who took the picture, then why did u click on the link to look at it????

      • ok… maybe im wrong but i kinda see both sides. i love whitney and would never disrespect her or her family. i was curious. as for the people asking how we would feel if it was our loved one well….. we have all been there any one can walk in off the street at our loved ones funeral touch them take pics..etc. so we all go through it actually. only our loved ones arent famous. as far as her family… i mean they already seen her in the casket so its not like its something they hadnt seen. but i also agree if they wanted privacy that should be respected also. i just never thought that was gonna be possible anyway. im actually surprised we havent seen one of mj

      • I have a hard spot in my heart, for the person who put this last picture of whitney, on the front page of a world wide magazine…. Like loved ones that we lose, the last viewing, is a closure and a time of remembering the beauty given , time spent with us ,soothing our hearts with song, that forever will be a part of times in our life, whether it was the sadness or the heart felt joy ….. I cried a week for the beauty of face and voice, lost forever. It was like another era coming to an end … I did want to see her lying peacefully at the end, a belief of the peace given when we go to the creator of all big and small…He that betrayed her at the end , with this picture, will one day pay, for his or her indiscretion. …..For all that loved her, we would have given dollars to have seen her last viewing, and all of that money could have been given to children of cancer , or any other good cause … I think she would have condoned that as her last stroke , of love too all ………

    • it doesnt matter fake or not, if its the true casket. All that have responded including myself wanted to see this photo, we are all guilty. Someone in the family didnt want to leave it “private”, if it was open to fans many would have lined up to see the same photo listed above.

    • I agree….she looks beautiful and at peace…it made me feel better to see it.RIP Whitney, you troubles are over.
      I am however troubled over NE saying how much in jewelry she was buried with! What were they thinking…now that is half a million, who is going to guard her grave to insure no one tries to steal it!

      • You are absolutely right…Why state how much her jewelry was worth?Thats just asking someone to rob her grave…sickening!!

      • There R sev issues I have, The color of her shoes- since it is a “half open” casket,(BTW that is the reason for the illusion of the length of the casket)only family & FH staff would know such specifics. The large “casket spray”, clearly present at the funeral is missing from the photo, & given the distance in the 2nd photo, both this & the obvious abscence of people,I feel these photos were taken B4 the wake by FH staff. The photos may have initially been taken for their own records. I was engaged to a FD & this was not an unusual practice. As far as the jewelry, since the funeral was closed casket, the valuables most likely were returned to the family just B4 the casket was sealed for burial. Since that jewelry would be part of her estate & I seriously doubt those issues were addressed prior to the burial, I think the FD would have advised the family against essentially, throwing away $500,000! Finally, I also heard someone mention she was viewed wearing white, though it has been noted that purple was her favorite color. Is it possible that she was seen in a white “shroud” prior to her being prepared for the formal viewing, or were they mispeaking & referring to the lining of the casket, rather than her actual dress?

      • And, how would you know that, nut? LOL. Go to your trailer park site, you are not wanted here….Buttwipe.

    • Whitney does look beautiful but I think they could have waited because in my opinion it is way too soon.Her family and real friends are dealing with the shock of her death plus trying to deal with the grief.If I was in their shoes this would make me angry but also upset me that someone disrespected a private family moment then sold that private moment for money.I am lucky that I am not famous and I could grieve for my mom when she passed 5 years ago.My thoughts are with Cissy and with Whitney’s daughter,these two lost a woman who meant so much to them.I rather remember the good things about Whitney then dwell on her past.Everyone makes mistakes in life and when a celeb makes mistakes it is world wide news.Rest In Peace Whitney,watch over your daughter and your mother.

    • The shocking thing is that someone included in a private visitation betrayed Houston’s family’s confidence and trust, There is no excuse for that.

      However, historically “viewings” of public figures aren’t rare. Whitney looks absolutely at peace and lovely in her final resting place. I hope her family will realize that the photo itself is not disrespectful. Only the intent.

      Rest in peace, lovely lady.

    • It makes no difference what we (the public) think of the coffin photo.

      What about Whitney Houston?

      Is this something that SHE would have approved of?

      I do not know her personally. However, I am sure we will hear very soon
      from those who were close to her…about how she would’ve reacted.

      I personally do NOT want my death bed photo on display for the world.

      But, that’s me.

    • Whitney is so beautiful even in death, she looks like she is asleep. The bible says death is like sleep. My mother passed away in 2010, I would not want the picture of her in her coffin printed in the Nation Enquirer. People have no honor or respect for the dead. Her jewelry was probably not buried on her. Whitney does not know anything about this. Her mother does not have to worry about her anymore, she is asleep in the arms of Jesus.

    • She looks great as always! But there IS SHAME in that! That was a private time for her family ONLY! It did not belong on front of a sleezy rag! Their grief has been intruded upon. They did not think about her poor daughter or mother. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time. These people, who took this picture, have no feeling or concerns for this grieving family. It is all about the money!

    • I’m reading all the feedback and am really surprised. First, does anyone know how to spell and type a sentence? Not to mention grammar. It was a silver and gold casket. It’s picking up the colors of the curtains and poor lighting.

      It’s easy to sit here and say it’s in poor taste, which it is, however, given the opportunity, knowing that picture is worth ONE MILLION dollars and you’re poor would you do it? Most will say no in their heads to believe they have that integrity. Those same people, given the chance, knowing it’s not illegal, would take it. Most of us do far worse things and rationalize it. It fall under the “Science of morality”. Google it. But please, type no, not know, when you mean no. And most computers have spell check. It’s not that hard to do!

      • Since you have such great grammer….It should read “It FALLS under the “. You forgot your s Ms. Perfect….LOL

      • I certainly agree with you on the mispelled words, but we get the gist of what is being portrayed. Our lovely Whitney told us in her own words everything and she gave us all she had to give. R.I.P. now (Nippy) Whitney Houston……..Your love is our love, and that’s what we all need more of.

    • People…pay attention! She was shown with jewelry…that’s how it is done. But, it was removed prior to closing the casket! No one is buried with jewelry. I know…my husband was viewed with his wedding ring but it was removed after viewing and before the funeral. Besides…it is no one’s business! Talk about invasion of privacy!

      • My mother was buried with her ring on…It was our choice funeral home did what we said…We paid it was what we wanted..Now i remember Elvis very well I was 10 but still remember to this day…I seen someone say that was 1977 stop bringing up Elvis….He was the King…noone can touch him…Whitney or Micheal …Freddy Mercury….They were the best…Also she looked beautiful … I seen someone say how is she beautiful she dead…The magazine could have paid someone to do it…money talks…The picture is out there what is done is done …Whitney was regal an now rest with your Jesus

    • She looks beautiful, but her mom wanted her viewing private for a reason and her wishes should have been respected!!!!! Who ever done this, was the money worth it? It’s not right!!!!!

    • There’s no shame in the picture, she looks fabulous however, it was the wishes of the family to have a closed funeral and to deny them that intimacy with their loved one for the sake of a story is outrageous and disrespectful. Her fans do love her but family wishes trump all that. The photographer didn’t get this pic for the fans, he got it to make a top story, period. What are we barbarians who will do ANYTHING for a story????

      • There is plenty of shame in our need to see this picture, you mentioned she looks fabulous as if that in itself justify the dishonor that was visited on her, who thought she was never good enough when she was alive, she was scrutinized and criticized until her passing. Why couldn’t she rest in peace and the wishes of her family has she gone through enough, didnt you have enough when she was alive?

    • I think it was someone with the funeral home or with access to the funeral home. There doesn’t appear to be any people present. If someone worked for the funeral home released it, they probably were paid six figures for it so they figured it was worth losing their job over for that kind of money.

    • It’s a real shame people are so dirty and low that they have to do something like this. I pray that they reap what they sow. God does not like ugly. If the person did it for money how long will that last compare to your soul with God. God sees everthing. I am praying that the person would come forward and give themselves up. No kind of feelings for the family and her daughter on how that makes them feel. Why do people have to way until someone to die to go around behind peoples back to do something evil. It’s invading the privacy of the family. I pray that the person is restless that they will not be able to rest . I am really praying for that person. Please confess your sins.

      If going behind someones back to put food on your table, you might want to consider doing something else. It’s not worth it when you have to cheat and steal. The person who did this will be punished for this in God’s time. Throughout life you will not know what ostacles you will face.

    • FROM; 1 Normal Person
      There was NO SHAME in Whitney having her photo published in her coffin!! When you become an INTERNATIONAL “STAR” like Whitney was – you become a “PUBLIC FIGURE” – and that means – you GIVE UP up your “RIGHT TO PRIVACY” – LIKE IT – OR NOT!

      The FANS had EVERY RIGHT to be able to see her – looking as BEAUTIFUL in DEATH – in her coffin – as she did while LIVING!!

      After ALL – IF IT WASN’T FOR HER FANS – THERE’D BE NO “Whitney Houston” – She’d STILL be living in New Jersey, singing in the Choir – AND NOT WEARING $500,000 WORTH OF JEWELRY IN HER CASKET – She’d NEVER have EVEN SEEN $500,000 in her ENTIRE LIFE!!


      Instead – if she had died as she did – NOBODY IN THE WORLD would have known – OR CARED – that she had passed away, EXCEPT FOR HER FAMILY! She would have been buried in New Jersey with ONLY her family attending – NOT IN A CHURCH THAT HELD 1,500 PEOPLE and her funeral WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN “By Invitation Only” – and it WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ATTENDED BY ALL THE OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE AND STARS THAT ATTENDED HER SERVICE NOW.







      • Cissy lost her daughter,I doubt lawyers and contracts was on her mind…How about respect compassion …She was a public figure….but when she died she was also a mother ,daughter,a friend…humanity seems to be vultures anymore…Money Money …bottom line…I feel i need to say sorry to Cissy and family for taken advantage of during her time of grief…also i am normal and a Mother if it was my child…No one had a right to say a thing but her mother …..I understand loyal fans…How were suppose to decide which fans were…Whitney was booed in London and Australia…and when Whitney was dealing with her demons ..How many loyal fans took up for her prayed for her…Instead some laughed at crack is whack….I know some fans did pray and defend her…but how was she suppose to know who didnt and who did…..You say if it wasnt for the fans she wouldnt had all she had..God made her plan long ago …Her life was his plan…Cissy the service was perfect in the church where she grew up and meet Her Savior Jesus …Thank you for Church …I loved it…..My mother would have done the same thing….and to those mad because it was in a church….Shame on you…

      • After reading your notice..I changed my own mind and totaly agree with you. Being in the entertainment industry seems that our goal is to get that level of fame so that we CAN DO our craft and be recognized and respected so that our projects get the greenlight. It is all too common that once we finally reach that pinacle of success and respect..we are supposed to resent it. I agree with you and hope that someday I am important enough in life and in death to feel completion of my destiny!

    • Her hair is much shorter, she must have wore a lot of hair extensions and wigs, which is fine.
      I feel like the Enquirer went overboard with the posting, but everyone who came to this sight wanted to see it. Whitney being famous, the family should have known something like this was going to happen. Cissy should have had her lawyers draw up a contract forbidding anyone at the wake and funeral home employees to take pictures. She could have gotten a trusted friend to make sure no one at the wake could take pictures. If someone would have stood at the casket and watched over things, then the family would know it had to have been a funeral home employee.

    • I agree. If the family had done this to begin with it would have never happened! For the kind of money the Enquirer pays it was most likely her daughter! I think she is a spoiled little snot who had to grow up way too fast to party with her own mother.

      • First of all, Wenzy, I don’t think you should talk about her Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. This young lady just lost her mom whom she loved very much. How in the hell would you know about Whitney’s daughter being spoiled and such? I knew Whitney’s mother. If you are gonna make a
        a comment like that you need to put zipper on that mouth of your and
        be QUIET!!!! Just pray to God that you are not in the same position. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! Whittney, you my were like the big sister i didn’t have and I miss you. May You Rest Eternally. love you.

      • U r totally out of order sweetie . R u jealous ur children or grandchildren don’t have all that kind if money . Don’t hate. Show some Damn respect that girl just lost her mom. Ur the snot.

    • I agree also. There is a sense of closure and she looked beautiful. Just wonder how long before someone goes after the jewels. Not a good idea. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect society.

    • Whitney in all fairness looks amazing and a perfect sleeping angel. Put this last memorie should of been for the family only, the public had her for all her life this was their moment. The editor should be ashamed of themsleves. I and im sure the rest of the world was happy watching her funeral and getting to say goodnight that way, but this is going to fair. A perfect reflections of how some people in this world have no shame or respect for the dead. Disgusting and wrong, but she is with all the other beautiful angels in the sky now so that is all that matters ( R.I.P Whitney and that stunning breathe taking voice )…. Me and the rest of your fans will always love you and the haters in this world just have no clue ! ❤ xx

    • My only problem with the pic is the fact they disclosed the $500,000 in jewelry being buried with her. Someone is going to dig her up! Such a shame but a tasteful pic.

    • I’m sorry for her family, and to see this photo, even thought RIP Whitney is beautiful, they wanted to be private and you guys for money, done something so wrong. She was my idol and i feel the pain, that her daughter and mother has to feel, you guys publish, her dead photo for money.

    • totally. Now they have to worry about grave robbers who will dig her out and steal those diamonds. I hope they took them out before they closed the coffin…..dead people do not need jewelry. What were they thinking ?

    • I bet it was the family that sold the pictures to the Enquirer! She was the goose that laid there golden eggs. Nancy Grace should jump on that story with her big mouth and run with it, that would run up her ratings a bit. I just love Nancy and her precious babies***”NOT”!

    • Although she does look beautiful and we can see that she is resting peacefully. They should have respected her families wishes and not taken any pictures and esp not sold them to the Enquire of all people. And did it really need to be on the front cover just saying

    • I totally agree. Actually it puts a more positive spin on how she probably looked at the time of her death. She looks pretty. The jewelry…a bit much. I would have been so impressed to see her family sell that bling & give the $$$ to charity.

    • Unfortunately, she lived in the spotlight, and died in the spotlight. Seeing her in this way offers (us) the fans a chance at closure. Nothing more. Her beautiful spirit has already left her body to be in Heaven, so she doesn’t know it anyway. In the end, her family had their “private” funeral which they were MOST definitely entitled to. This is for the fans who want to say good-bye on their own terms. I do not, however, feel that someone (anyone as far as that goes) should have received money for this photo.

    • can I just say, when looking at the picture; you can see that the date of the magazine is March 2012!? and there are some dodgy spelling mistakes on the front of it… I wouldn’t trust this source if I were you!


    • Who in Gods name thinks its ok to have her buried with such expensive items of jewels,slippers and in a gold coffin………………..someone needs to get real here.With so much poverty in the world this is 100% wrong and vile.But there again this is America and do you really care ?

    • I do believe that the photo was taken by someone delivering flowers to the funeral. The florist can deliver them and arrange them around the casket and no one has to be there at the time. So I do not believe it was a family member, invited guests, or even the funeral parlor.

    • If this is really Whitney, then why is she in a purple gown when her sister-in-law Pat (Gary’s wife) clearly stated during the funeral service “For those who are wondering what Whitney looked like, she was wearing the head piece and gold gown she wore in the movie, the Bodyguard. She looks beautiful” Why would her sister-in-law Pat, make that public statement and not have it be true? I think this is awful that the photos be posted when in fact her own sister-in-law gave a totally different description of Whitney’s burial outfit. And why would the family (who is in need financially) bury Whitney with 500K worth of jewelry? Doesn’t make sense at all.

    • thay did the same whith elvis thay got no respect im a fool for buying it the enquier it was 15 cent back then in the 60 now it 400 buck shame was the coffin made out of gold the enquire minds want to no?

    • Who really cares… I’m tired of hearing about her, all the hype she is getting you might have thought she came up with a cure for cancer. People need to get a grip and stop idolizing pop stars or movie stars. Get a life folks, people like them don’t give a damn about you.

      They act like they are above us average people, and we as a society are the ones that support them

    • I concur. Who will we be seeing next ? Unfortunately, her daughter and if not watched closely by her own family members, Demi Moore.

    • She looks lovely. Who will we be seeing next? Her daughter Bobbi Kristina and, if daughters don’t watch her closely through her heartbreak, Demi Moore.

    • I agree – she looks beautiful and at peace ……. at last. I hate the thought that someone has probably made money out of such a private and trusted moment but unfortunately it seems inevitable these days.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I loved Whitney Houston but the shame was the Governor of NJ flying flags at half mast. That is demeaning to the families whose loved ones were killed in action. Disgraceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • how do anyone knows for sure it is Whitney? Newspapers, especially this one, have 1 agenda, to SELL papers at all cost!! If anyone believes, then there are so many weak-minded people out here-no wonder the world is like is!!!!

    • Yep, she does look really good! I hope that whoever the ghoul was will donate any or all of the proceeds from this pic to her family or a foundation in Ms. Houstons name.

      • The Ghoul was Whitney’s mother. The same person who sold her memorial service to the highest bidder and is auctioning off her clothing.

    • was the coffin soild gold or fools gold or next to gold or gold rubed no disresect intenned the godfather of soul had a gold coffin thifty65@yahoo an enquirer minds want to no from liberty ky it 56 today

    • I think it is awful that someone would benefit out of this tragedy. I hope who ever got this photo gets his 30 pieces of silver. What a Judas. Karma will come back to you ten fold. You are the scum of the earth. I pity the family that has to endure this invasion of their privacy.

    • I think this is a terrible invasion of the family’s privacy. She was a beautiful person in life and someone had to capitalize on her death. I hope whoever this person got his 30 pieces of silver. You Judas, Remember karma comes back to you. You should be ashamed of yourself. I hope the money you got from this photo brings you nothing but pain and misery.
      Good luck living with yourself and what you have done to create more pain for Whitney’s family. Especially her daughter. Shame, Shame, Shame on you.

    • she looks beautiful people fail to realize although celebs may not be our “family” they are and have been a part of our life in many ways fans need closer as well and funerals and viewing the decease is a way of offering closer

      • The come through she was working so hard for dissipated in her passing but “the voice” lives forever! Thank you Whitney for leaving us the greatest Voice of all…we will miss you!! Rest in peace.

    • I doubt it. The jewels were probably removed after the viewing. But it makes for good publicity for people to think that she was.

      • Why is it soooo unbelievable? We buried my mother in her wedding rings. At the time my father had paid $86,000 for them. It was her wish, so we abided by them. And yes, they were on her finger as we watched the tractor pile dirt on the grave. We didn’t leave the cemetery for just that reason,thinking that someone would take them off her hand.
        And my parents had nowhere near as much money as Whitney

    • That’s their business and they got it and that’s what they wanted for their mom and daughter, I tip my hat to them. They have that much love and money to to it, nothing came out of our pocket. God Bless !

      • ha ha….rumor has it that Whitney Houston was broke, and that she had been” borrowing ” heavily from her record company, and as far as “nothing coming out of our pocket,” ..that is a fallacy, because in reality everything she had “came out of our pockets.” She could not have been financially successful had it not come out of our pockets. The thing that saddens me the most about Whitney Houston is that she truly had it all, including FAITH, yet all that she had made no difference, because in the end it was ultimately her choice to fail, or succeed. She as a celebrity had access to the best resources in the world, and probably could have gotten them at no cost had she chosen to do that. I know she sought help, but did she REALLY try to succeed once she had it? As far as the jewelry she wore in her casket, I seriously doubt that the jewelry was buried with her . I can’t believe that she wouldn’t have wanted her daughter to have it, especially “if” she was broke. On another note, footage of her funeral showed a chrome casket, and newscasters described it as chrome. It sure looked chrome to me. I am truly saddened by Whitney Houston’s death, but feel that she is in a better place and at peace. My heart goes out to her family, and my prayer is that they too can find peace. RIP Whitney Houston, we will forever love you.

    • Trust and believe no one will eve get into that coffin. Whitney is well protected. That coffin is locked and they bury people in big heavy concrete vaults. Only someone with a Huge Back hoe (that’s a type of Heavy machinery / bulldozer to you nonknowers) can dig her up and get that slab off. I seriously doubt anyone can do this without being noticed!

  1. Not sure it was a good idea to disclose she’s buried in $500,000 worth of jewellery, I hope there’s a lot of security at the cemetery.

    • I agree with you Freddie. Telling everyone she was buried with $500,000 worth of jewelry is a good why to get some brave idiot ideas.

      • Hard to believe that they would put half a mil worth of jewelry into the ground when her finances were in bad shape; also surprising that she is buried in the ground instead of in some indoor crypt where there can be some security. With all that jewelry supposedly on her, someone just might try to get at it.

      • They Did take it off I’m sure. I have a friend had his wife dripping with diamonds and as the casket was being closed, the funeral director slipped of Everything in 5 seconds. It’s normal and it impresses the guests to see your loved one with all the nice jewelry.

    • The Jewelry might be used for the viewing and then taken off and left into the family’s estate and then replaced with inexpensive replica’s for the burial

  2. After seeing her in her cascet, I can grief in peace and eventually let go. I belive it´s important to get a image/photo, to see it, to belive it, to accept it, to let go.

    • I agree… to this day I kind of always wished I could see Aaliyah, one last time. It would probably give me some sense of true closure. Rest in peace Angels.

    • I agree with you. In my own losses of family and friends, I always have hard times believing they are gone until I see the reality of their death.

    • I agree with you. I have always had difficulity believing my fmily or friends were really gone until I actually saw the reality of their death.

      • but she is not youre fmily this was so disrespectful to her child and mother on every level it was a private moment that was taken from her loved ones and who ever took that photo should be ASHAMED of them selves

  3. Outrageous !!!! And you wonder why Stars are under so much stress to cause them to Drink and Drug and commit suicide . Whomever took that photo and sold it to the National Enquire should be Jailed for The Life of Whitney 48 years and No Bail ! This is an Abomination to God with no respect to the families request of Privacy but as we all know . The Love Of Money Is Just A Sin Americans Greed. It Made the Paper before she can hit the ground.

    • blah, blah, blah….. the family’s in the process of making money off her passing for Bobbi Kristina. Honestly, I would NOT be surprised to learn that the estate leaked it – everyone thinks the National Enquirer’s trash; it would be too obvious if a more reputable news agency ran the photos. NE makes the perfect scape goat! And if you’re naive enough to think that there were not security cameras in that room, being that live security stayed with WH’s body morning, noon, and night, and it isn’t known who had their camera phone out snapping pics or at least acting suspiciously…. well, then I’ve got some LOVELY ocean front property in Kansas to sell you….

      • I dont think it would matter who ran the story. This was just wrong for anyone to do if it was family or not. Now it could have been staff at the funeral home or friends. Now is it wrong that they are trying to get money for Kristi? Families do it all the time have bank accounts set up for children who have lost their parents. Should she be any different why because her mother was famous? You need to take a long look at people around you if you feel that this was ok.

      • i agree with Lucy!..this was an inside job! I’m sure security was heavy on duty….. if the family didn’t want this pic to get out…best believe it wouldn’t have!!! someone in the “family” is making this a profit…

      • Finally a comment that makes sense! I totally agree with you Lucy. As a matter of fact I’m going the the store now to buy it!

    • I turly respect your comment, but when you love someone you love them.. Whether it is family or in the case of Whitney. I myself wished that I could have been there to grieve just like the family. I honestly loved her like she was my family, I cried for her daughter like she is my family. I’m saying that to say, the ceremony was private and I’m very happy who ever took the picture did it cause it provided me with a closure. It doesn’t take away the hurt or pain of knowing she will not be coming back. Maybe it was for the money of the person who took the picture or maybe it was for the fact that the world is morning and needed that as well..

      • wtf? do you people have no real life relationship problems that you actually feel grief and need closure for someone you have never met??? good lord.

      • You people really are NUTS!!!! Crying like she was family? Oh please!!! You didn’t know her and never met her. There is nothing wrong with loving her music , but to cry like she’s family and to think that any of us deserve closure, is just utterly ridiculous!!!!! She deserved to die in peace and she didn’t owe any of her “fans” anything at all. She gave you people tons of music to remember her . The person who sold that picture is a sub-human piece of garbage!!!! LET HER HAVE PEACE NOW, FINALLY!!!!

      • Maria you are rude! As i watch her mom, and her daughter I felt like crying. I am a mother and I have a mother, and I cannot imagine my mom passing away, and I am a grown woman. My daughter is 17 and she felt sad. She said mama if I lost you I would be sick. It’s not about knowing the person, it’s about HAVING A HEART!!!!!!!!!!!


    • $500,000 worth of jewels. who the f*ck are they kidding. the family should have auction those jewels and use the proceeds to “maximize her estate for the benefit of Bobbi kristina.”

      Auctioning her jewels is a lot better than selling dvd’s of her funeral. But I agree with all who say this was an inside job. Probably an employee at the funeral home.

      • I’m sure the funeral home removed the jewelry before the burial. I worked at a funeral home for several years and the family quite often put jewelry or other valuable items for the viewing, but we removed them before the burial. We did not want anything of monetary value to be left in the casket because as horrible as it is, there are thugs and punks who will rob graves for anything of value. We actually had a sign that stated that all valuables were removed from caskets prior to burial.

      • Why use profanity to express yourself, also there are some of us that Know Jesus Christ as Lord and savior and we love him very much and we’ve never seen him so if others feel in their heart to cry and grieve as family it should be ok she has touched many one way or another we need to learn to not be judgemental and learn to be prayful for one another and most of all for now the Mother and daughter!!!!.

    • I really think it was an employee, if you look at the picture, there is no family there. That’s a shame that they got to capitalize on her death. Ms. Whigham needs to find out who took the photo. That person honestly needs to lose his/her job. I think she looks great, the makeup artist did a very good job with her. I had a family member at Whigham’s and they did not do a good job at all. Rest in Peace Whitney, My prayers are with Bobbi Kristina, I know what it is like to lose a parent at 18. May God bless the family.

  4. I dont see anything interesting in seeing Whitney Houston in her casket. Its something that her family should only see as I wouldnt buy that magazine with her laid out in her coffin on it.

    • If you don’t see anything interesting in seeing the photo of Whitney in her casket….then why the He&& did you click on the article to read it!

      • I agree with you, Back in the day, down south they always took picture’s of there love one’s in casket’s, It gave closure and hand me down HISTORY…………..People should get a grip, and live there own life’s and Pray that they have a HEALTY AND RICH REWARDING LIFE AS SHE DID WITH THE LORD ALWAYS BY HER SIDE…………………………..

      • I was just telling my sister that my grandmother had photos of folks in their casket! They were from Virginia and West Virginia. They also did it in the 1800s. In Europe, they made death masks. I wish I could see one of Michael in his casket.

        It’s just a thing…live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse!

        R.I.P. Whitney

    • Yes, and many others wanted to see it, they just won’t admit it. To those people and other media who say what a disgrace to publish, lmao, because you have it on your site too. Duh!

  5. LETS BE REAL …..yes leaking the pic was wrong but honestly we made her and loved her so i felt as if we needed the to see her and how beautiful she was in it so its wrong but not that bad bcuz we deserved to see it


      • you sound so rediculous . You really need to read what you just wrote, because you don’t make no damn sense.

    • its natural for us as human beings and as fans to be curious to see but i wouldnt go so far as to say we made her and we deserved to see it cuz at the end of the day SHE made herself with her talent and her passing is a private matter that people that aren’t immediate family or close friends should respect and allow them to mourn in peace and we as fans owe THEM that much

    • we may have purchase her cds and tickets to her concerts but still that does not give us claim to her, she is human and she deserve her privacy as well, we did not give birth to her and take care of her. when she was alive and going through her problems, it was you guys that had nothing but negative things to say about her “judging her” when you all know that you are no better than her, its like, you live in a glass house and yet you are throwing stone. the woman is dead, for god sakes, let her be in peace and all of you need to shut your fucking mouths and go and live your lives and people them alone.

      we’ve all supported her career becauseshe had a beautiful voice and we loved her, now its time to let go. we dont need to see her in her coffin, maybe when you are dead and someone took a picture of you in your coffin and post it all over, put yourself in their shoes.

  6. We should boycott no one she buy this! Please stand for what is right don’t buy the paper to make a point to the enquirer !

    • I completely agree 100 percent! Fuck the National Enquirer! Pieces of low-life shit! I say we go to their offices and do some permanent damage….

      • Hey Noneofyourbusiness….grow up. ” go to their offices and do some permanent damage….” Real mature. I’m sure Whitney would support your thinking…NOT!

      • Both of you PUSSIES can see me in the street. Talk that shit then. Until, stay soft…bitches…

      • You’re disgusting. Damn. And you were trying, and failing of course, to defend yourself against a doctor? Yeah, I had fun seeing her calmly lay you out and then leave you waiting like an ass. I wish I’d found this earlier so I could’ve taken part. That woman didn’t use 1 swear word or make 1 threat against you. You’re actually one of those men who does the “yeah see me on the street, bitches”? “Let’s go to their offices and do some permanent damage”? I think you need to make an appointment with Emmeline to talk out your low-life issues. Maybe she could do us all a favor and put you on a high dose of Thorazine.
        I doubt she’d take you as a patient, but then again, she says she does accept slow patients!

      • Why are you still commenting? Don’t you know that there were other people on here cursing but you only pick on me? Mad cause I proved my point against a DOCTOR, lol. Who the hell are you? NOTHING to me so leave me alone! I can tell you weren’t raised to mind your own business so yeah I said what I said to people DISRESPECTING Whitney Houston. It was NEVER about me so I put the doctor in her place especially with the link I left so why are you still commenting on what I do? FUCK OFF! Since you don’t like cursing maybe you will FINALLY ignore me to leave what I want without you TRYING to tell me what to do. “It’s often easier for one to give advise then it is for that person to run one’s own life” Guru “You Know My Steez”. Look it up and learn. Now I will return to protecting families and making money at it. Hopefully you will go back to YOUR POINTLESS EXISTENCE….

  7. She looks beautiful, and finally at peace.Everyone knows that the family removes the jewerlythe morning of the burial~Years ago families did not and undertakers would steal it,.

  8. I think she still looked great & just like herself but It was wrong for them to published this picture because it’s invading the Houston’s Family privacy. I would be pissed beyond measures.

  9. If you have a problem with the photo, what are you doing looking at it. I had to google it to see it.
    When you are in the public eye “A start” you are a celebrity till death do you part.
    She looks beautiful, as a matter of fact she looks better than she did earlier in the day and that’s the Whitney I love and that’s the picture I will remember her looking like.

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  11. I don’t see anything wrong with the picture. The ceremony was private just like the family wanted but there are people grieving Whitney that needed to see that to have their own moment to greive and accept that she is gone. I personally loved her so much and I wished so very much that I could have seen her. I saw the picture and it made me smile because she looked so pretty but it made me cry as well knowing that she is really gone. My heart goes out to her family mostly her mom and daughter… She will be missed…RIP Whitney

      • Wow that was a disgusting comment. Whatever her problems on earth she is finally at rest. People such as the above Anoymous unfortunately have freedom to comment on others situations. She did look lovely and I did want to see her again but she did deserve her final moment of privacy.

    • U need 2 be ashame of your fucking self is your motherfucking ass perfect HELL NO so you need 2 shut the fuck up everybody judging her look in your on fucking mirror and tell me if u see sumone that never sin that never lied that never drink or use drugs so of u havent you are a motherfucking liar stupid ass so smoke that crack pipe BITCH

      • With yr stupid ass u need 2 grow the fuck up im very pissed of leave whitney alone and leave her daughter alone shit yr mother probably was smoking crack when she made yr dumb ass thats why yr ass dnt have any fucking sense BITCH

      • Monique, I fully understand what your feeling and believe me I aim to see no one accuses this Diva of anything other than natural cause of death. Nothing has been confirmed and yet the press seems to focus on something that is not true. What most press and people are not aware of is Whitney Elizabeth (Nippy) Houston had been given negative health prognosis just prior to her passing. So please Monique just wait, the truth will come out. God bless you for caring for her and the family in a loving way. I haven’t stopped crying since this mess began and it infuriates me to see judgement calls made.

      • Hey Monique…you are a disgusting, filthy mouth pig. You also dont know the english language well…you write like crap. PIG

      • U r sooooooo right but i hate it people just dnt no dat this lady have a daughter regardless what people said about her thats still her mom and they need to stop disrespecting her i no i dnt no her but it feel like i do she is still a human being and everyone need to let her rest i bet if this was about a dog that sumone kill people would be crying there heart out we as people need to cum together and try to help each other and not to tear them down i love u whitney and im still praying for your famiy and you was and still are an angle

      • And I just keep finding them from you! Are the first words you ever learned “muthafucka” and “dumbass”? The threats over the Internet are just plain embarrassing. People like you need to stay away from the decent people in the world.
        Did it occur to you that YOU are also anonymous? “Noneofyourbusiness” is hardly your name and address. You should try turning “muthafucka” and “dumbass” around on YOURSELF. Trash.

      • Once again mind your damn business, hoe. Maybe that would be a more appropriate title for you….And I chose to keep the name cause that’s what it means. Don’t like cursing? Fine. Don’t do it yourself but as for me speaking to someone else, who was disrespecting a late legend, that’s how I felt as a grown, free man so fuck you and your opinion because it NEVER INVOLVED YOU….fuck off!!

  12. Its not right. Some people should have a little respect. The family made a sacrafice to share Whitney 30 years of her life, and the day of her funeral. Some people just dont care thats all. Let her finally rest in peace. Let her family get over this tradgic time. My heart goes out to her loved ones especially Bobbi Kristina. You will forever be loved and never forgotten.

  13. We’ve been told she was broke and was borrowing $100 at a time from friends. Where did $500,000 of jewelry come from? Before we deify her, let’s keep in mind that she chose drugs, and drugs resulted in her death. Sure, you can blame Bobby Brown, but no husband can force his wife [easily] to become a drug addict. Addiction was her choice. Resultant death was a chance she took, and she lost.

    • I feel more sorry for you then I do her you sound foolish baby she didnt lose God was with her the whole time yes she fell short but it didnt change who she was say what you want WHITNEY was WHITNEY n it looks as if u followed her as well lol

      • yea…you’re foolish…God was with her while she was smoking crack? If you think that, you must be smoking it too. Whitney was a coke head. She no longer had a voice. It was destroyed from years YEARS of smoking crack. She killed herself, and no, GOD was not there.

    • growing up in a home with substance abusers some of whom have since recovered and some who still use i can tell you its not something you just freely choose its definitely a disease otherwise there wouldnt be treatment centers for it.. its a chemical imbalance in your brain that may combine with other underlying factors like depression that triggers the abuse which leads to addiction that in most cases cant be controlled on your own

      • I’m sorry, but whether you think of addiction as a disease or not, the fact is that the person *chose* to use drugs in the *first* place. I can’t stand it when people make excuses for addicts.
        My future mother-in-law is a rampant alcoholic. I’m watching her steadily decline before my very eyes. Still, she *chose* to start (and keep!) drinking. There *are no excuses*.

  14. Very disrespectful to make money from a beautiful lady that sounds like a angel , disresecting her family , !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. We the public/fans have “NO RIGHT” to see what she looked like lying in the casket. Who ever leaked the photo should be ashamed of themselves. The family is “ALREADY” grieving terribly, this just adds to it. How would anyone like their daughter, mother’s, sister’s, family membrs photo plastered on the front page of a magazine. I doubt anyone would as I doubt the family leaked this photo. That would surely be something the magazine commented on.

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  17. It’s a shame that the picture surfaced, especially if the family meaning her mom cissy and daughter bobbi christina dind’t want it to.But she looks very peacful and at rest. God bless her family at this time…. Whitney I will always love your music.

  18. What is everbody in an uproar about? Another dead drug addicted crack whore! Sure, she wasa a good singer, but please. No other everday drug addict gets this attention.


    • dont be so ignorant maybe we will rant over your grave when your ass die if you were famous and beautiful like her. and she didnt do crack she had to much money to do a poor people drug asshole.

      • Who knwos for sure if she was on drugs!!! She sold billions and is still getting paid after her death!! People need to grow up and stop listening to everything they hear!!! I agree with you Cj!! Rip Whitney!!

    • Anonymous, you’re a coward! Why not write your real name and say these hateful things. I’m sure there is an artist that you grew up listening to, or a favorite entertainer that you would feel sad about if they died, even if they had a drug addiction. Are you perfect? Have you always made good decisions? I’m sure the answer is no to both questions. Stop being hateful and let the fans mourn. This is not for you. The funeral was not for you. Her music was not for you. Her movies were not for you. If you didn’t care for Whitney Houston, just be quiet and go on about your life.

    • Wow people really have issues. Look at your own life and try to anaylze whats going on with yourselves. No one is perfect. Not one of us. She acknowledged that she had problems and until you walked in an addict shoes do not judge them. If you cant say anything possitive zip it. Then in your quite moments reflect on all the wrong you do in your individual lives and try to change it if you can. Rest in peace Whitney. You will be missed. The voice, the person with the lovely smile.

  19. I think this is a slap in the face to her mother and daughter I know you didnt ask permission to use that photo, yes people wanted to know how she looked and I must say she looked beautiful and at peace, but just be respectful if that was your family member would you want them plasteted in the paper in a coffin 3 days after they were layed to rest

  20. I loved Whitney Houston’s music. She was a talented, beautiful woman. She finally looks peaceful in death. I am sick to death of all the drama and hangers on, all those who hope to make a profit from her success, especially Clive Davis. If any good at all can come from this, I hope it is that her grandmother and uncles take her under their wings and get her some help, ASAP. She will never survive on her own.

  21. Although this is terribly TACKY, I personally wanted to see it. This helped me get closure. This brings reality that she is actually gone 😦 RIP Whitney

  22. Some of you people with the crack comments are Ridiculous and deserve to have the shit kicked out of you…so mean spirited, no respect for anyone or anything….just empty heartless motherfuckers that think they are clever…GROW UP!
    I don’t think puublishing the photo was right nor the way it was obtained (I’m guessing a funeral home employee) but it does give her fans some much needed closure….our final image of her can be of a beautiful woman at peace…..its sad, but NOW its REAL and now we can really grieve. RIP WHITNEY !

    • It’s not that they are heartless, it just falls in line with the “Internet dickwad theory”. Anonymous + Audience = Dickwad.

  23. This had to be someone who worked at the funeral home or a cop b/c there is no way in hell family would sell out there own. And that funeral home should have had cameras in there or guards 24/7.

    I guess this just makes it all that too real. And, I’m not mad at the National Enquirer cover because deep down everyone wanted to see it, and if you say other wise, you’re telling a damn lie.

    • All of us are sadden by this but anyone could have done this and even though the Funeral Home was in charge even they probably could not have kept an eye on all of those people who were allowed to see her in this day and time cameras are made into things we never would think of such as a neck tie so it could have been anyone and like so many I too wanted to see her for the last time maybe not this way being displayed on a public magazine.



  26. I hope the family sues and shuts down this trash magazine. I’m surprised TMZ didn’t show the picture. Simply tacky. Sure many might want to see but privacy overshadows the need to see. Come on!

    • I agree with you!!! It is beyond tacky and this isn’t the first tacky thing they have done they also published her lying dead on the bathroom floor of the hotel room.

  27. So Tacky in today’s world people will do anything for money. Sad someone took away the right that the family should have had to see her in her casket. But she was a beautiful black women most people wish they looked that good and they walking around alive. You could not have opened there casket because of the way the looked enough said Sad!!!!!!!!

  28. It has march 5th on the cover because thats when it will prob b released….Whitney was great and all the negative things people are saying need to stop…..u r no better than she was cuz u on here judging her…..let her rest in peace….God is always in control….

  29. I guess I’m from an era where people respect the wishes of others. As a former High School teacher it amazed me to witness how much the roughest of students would get outraged if they felt someone had disrespected them. Likewise, gang members would want to retaliate violently if they felt people were disrespecting them. As a minister to inmates for many decades I’d see and hear how angered an inmate would turn as a result of feeling a respect barrier was crossed. There is such a thing as intruding on the wishes of the immediate family. I believe they are entitled to that. However, I do clearly understand that the right amount of money can result in some staff people ‘selling-out’ to the highest ‘common trash’ level in our society with the dollars. Maybe they were feeling like they needed the cash-out for their rent more. What is grieving to me is that standards continue to be lowered until our society has no standards. If (The love of) money is the root of the evil then what would hit hardest for the heads of the National Enquirer is that people would give credence and affirmation to Whitney’s closest family requests and in support of those wishes NOT BUY and result in the lowest of magazine sales week they’ve ever experienced. But then I know that’s just dreamin’

  30. This is sad somebody would take the time to invade the privacy of a family grieving! They wanted to keep this part of their lives private and within their family but, someone had to go and take that away from them. My heart goes out to Whitney’s mother Cissy and daughter Bobbi Kristina.This was just poor judgement from the lonely individual who took this photo and sold it to the tabloid for money.

    Everybody making “Crack” comments are very IGNORANT and IMMATURE!! No one knows what killed Whitney but, yet everyone has a comment to make saying it was DRUGS. It’s sad you can judge a person by choices they made in life. Everybody is continuing to blame one person and that is Bobby but, you have to realize Whitney was her own person and she made choices way before Bobby so, he isn’t completely to blame in her down fall. One thing that can be said is no matter what Whitney did in life she still was a child of GOD and knew when to go to him when she was in real trouble and get the help and guidance she needed. She was a beautiful person who, fell short of GOD but, you can believe she made peace with him before she died!!

    Whitney may you REST IN PEACE you are with the heavenly FATHER!!

  31. No, is not wrong to show. I was discussing it with a friend who said watch. Someone will get a picture of her. And sure enough here it is. She looks beautiful as always and peacful. Helped me with the closeure of her passing. In matter of fact, in Europe for years now. They send death announcements with the picture of the person to family and friends who don’t live near by. What is totally wrong, people making money off her death. Rest in peace sweet angel. You left the world a precious gift of the sound of your voice.

  32. May she rest in peace. She looks beautiful and hopefully the family was not disrespected in any way by whatever means the photo was released. Whitney made her mistakes, as we all have. What pains me is the fact that everyone has rushed to the conclusion that she died because of her past drug use. If God called me home right now, they would find about 10 bottles of prescription medications at my bedside. That does not mean that I’ve abused drugs, etc. How easy it for us to throw rocks and we live in glass houses…May God still have mercy on her soul and I pray that she was “right” with Him before she died. Nothing else matters. He forgives her and so should we. I pray when the results are given that she died of “natural causes” so that some of these evil nay sayers can go find something else to piss and moan about…so disrespectful. Again, Whitney Rest in Peace!

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  34. To the author of this article and all others that have reposted this pic…. You think you’re any better, how dare all of you !!!!

    • We don’t show them IN their caskett !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that is the difference. We select a photo of them when they were alive or out of respect for the family we show the closed casket.

  35. Its a lot more respectful than many of the other “last photos”, with her looking intoxicated and dazed. She looks the way she did in her “The Greatest Love of All” Video .This is the cost of drug abuse. Godspeed Whitney.

  36. To the person asking about Aaliyah..there wasnt an open casket at her funeral because she was in such bad shape after the plane crash

  37. As morbid as this may be I wanted to see what she looked like. I knew that she would have been beautiful but I just wanted to see for myself. Now on another note whomever took the pic should be ashamed. In all honesty it had to have been someone that was invited to the private viewing and the sad part is that the Enquirer has actually paid someone off that the Houston family trusted. SMDH.

    • I too clicked on the link knowing it was a morbid thing to do, curious as to how close and how
      good a picture they would be able to take, under the circumstances and wanting to see her
      one last time. (Yes, I am a fan, and always will be. Her talent was incomparable–to my tastes) The fact that there was no one present speaks to the time of the taking, and the opportunity.
      As for the color of the gown, the jewelry, the color and length of the coffin, etc., a lot could have taken place AFTER that picture was taken. Since the perpetrator did not post the time of his misdeed, there is no way to know how much time passed between the taking of the picture and the funeral. And what difference does it make what color anything was. Leaving the impression she was buried with the jewelry could be a mistake, however, but I do not believe she was. When I buried my 2 1/2 yr. old, I decided at the last minute to remove an item we had intended be buried with her. It was not worth $500,000., but has been more comfort to me to keep it than to imagine it forever buried with her. It is as if I still have a piece of her.
      The only crime I see here is the REASON that person took the picture. Not to commemorate
      the person, but for profit, and, having been there, I cannot believe the family had anything to do with it. In retrospect, I have often thought I would like to have had a picture of my child in her final resting place. All the hundreds of pictures I have show a glowing, happy, energetic little girl. I grieve for her daily, though it was MANY years ago, and perhaps a picture like the
      one of beautiful Whitney might help.
      It is also a source of grief to me, and I am sure to anyone else who really loved Whitney, to read the comments I have read today. So many of you fighting among yourselves as dogs over a bone, over unimportant details, in obscene language. If we are really speaking to honor Whitney, (Not?) it seems as though many of us should have stayed off the computer
      today. RIP Whitney. Your music will live forever. And I will be forever grateful.

  38. She looks pretty good considering that the coroner had to peel back her face and saw off the top of her head to remove her brain. He also dissected her by making a Y cut on the thorax to take out all her organs for study. Then all this tissue got thrown back in before the incisions were stitched up. I’m guessing they had to put a wig and copious makeup on her after the autopsy. The brain may still be in a jar, somewhere.

  39. I think it was very diisrespectful for someone to do a thing like this even though she looked very pretty all respect to the family and their wishes should have been honored who ever did this need to rot in hell.

  40. What people will do for money, no heart and respect for her grieving family. They want enjoy the money. The person in that funerall home is a person of greed and disrespect. The BIBLE says that the Love of Money is the root of all evil.” I This should have never been posted. National Enquirer you are guilty!

  41. She looks so peaceful n beautiful on dat casket… So love her but despite all God loves her more as She sang in her song! Love u Whitney!

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  43. Those of you who have posted negative comments really need to get a life. What if it were your family? This family is mourning. Before she was Whitney Houston, she was a daughter, mother, sister, cousin, and niece. If this were your family how would you want them to be remembered, would you want images of them to be leaked? if you can honestly say yes then you need to reevaluate your life, those of you who said no…then you understand this is a difficult time.

  44. This is just sad I cried when my cousin took a picture of my dad. Just let her rest please and why name the picture the last picture and put it in the cover that’s just sad you stupid fuckers who ever did this I hope she hunt your ass dumb ignorant fucker!

  45. This is sad…no respect for her even in death…they dog her while she is living and when she has passed…people need to learn some clas and respect…and for the people who want to see her body in this coffin..get a life and stop being a weirdo who needs to see dead people..and its not excuse just cause she was famous..ewww!!

  46. This is unbelieveable. This kind of garbage makes me ashamed to be an American. The reason Whitney self destructed is the pressure she was under from fans and the media. Every time she performs, she is expected to look and sound like she did in those videos from the 1980’s. When that doesn’t happen, they tear her apart. Nobody can live up to that. We refuse to accept the ravages of time and lifestyle. The reality is she was 48, not 25. Time catches everyone. Examples are everywhere- Elton John, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, etc. It didn’t have to be this way. What a horrible waste of one of the most beautiful and talented women this world has ever seen.

  47. She was wonderful, but lived her life in the public eye. The image is evasive, but she looks at peace and so that is fine with me. Rest In Peace Whiney and thanks for the memories. The only comment I would make is, don’ t do drugs, they will destroy you.

  48. What also concerns me is, the scum that roam this earth and the fact The Enquirer have decided to promote the fact Whitney was buried wearing $500,000 of jewellery. That is wrong. The cemetery will now require 24 hour guarding from those scumbags, forever.

  49. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing of picture. I think for thousands of people they do want to see it if they admit to it or not. I gives people closure in the mourning process. I used to work in funeral services and if there is any complaint it should be with the funeral home’s display of Whitney’s casket. It should of been allot more elegant in beautifying and hiding the church cart under which the gorgeous casket was resting upon. It feels like 1977 all over again when Elvis was shown in his open casket, which kinda didn’t look real at all. When celebrities die there’s always people who are going to complain about something. Whitney’s is in a great place now, may God Bless her and welcome her with open arms.

    • I took a picture of my father, mother and brother at their viewing but It was just for me personally because I wanted it. I completely respected my family by not subjecting them to it so I waited until everyone was gone and took it while I was alone. I’ve never shown the photo to another living soul. My guess is that if cameras of cell phones were not allowed that this was taken when no one else was in the room. If they track down who had access to the room alone they will find the culprit. I don’t know if any family member or close friends were ever in the room with her casket alone but an employee of the mortuary would definately have access.How would the owner of the funeral home know who did it with a thousand friends and family coming through. I believe it was an employee that had a weak moment and couldn’t resist.

  50. Of course ignorant people would feel as though there is nothing wrong. Jack asses it was called a private viewing not a spectacle!!!!!!!!

  51. Just so sad. This world we live in just proves that the ruler is a satan the devil. My heart goes out to the Houston Family, especially Ms. Cissy and Bobbi Kristina.

  52. If true, I hope they took the jewelry off before burial. Better still, she should have been buried in cz reproductions. Technically, once buried, a body cannot be exhumed w/o a court order. Still, if the body has not been lowered into the ground before the family leaves the cemetery (you have that option; it is your right), the gravediggers (if they are so unscrupulous) can open the casket & have at it before they lower & cover it.

  53. As enraged a fan as I may be, I am ashamed to say that I was drawn to look for this photo of Whitney in her coffin as soon as I heard of it. I have spent her entire career wanting to be just like her. I didn’t just “like” Whitney Houston & her songs, I LOVE Whitney and everything about her, even her downfalls, which we ALL have! *GASP! Yeah that’s right people, get over it, we are human and often times make mistakes. Whitney at least had the courage and grace to try to fight her addictions, not that they were any of our business! I still try to be like her and she will always serve as my idol on this Earth, 2nd only to the Lord and my family.

  54. This is fucked up! Although she looks beautiful in this picture, I think it is not right to just do that for money! That’s the ONLY reason why it was done. Whoever took the pic is a low-life scum, family or funeral home employee, I don’t care! This just shows you how LOW people will go for money! We the fans DO NOT NEED to see this. We saw her funeral. That was enough. The only ones who should have this picture should be FAMILY ONLY. WE AS FANS DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS! Talking about closure for us? Who the fuck are WE, any of us to want closure on someone you NEVER knew or met. Fuck outta here with that closure bullshit! She’s at peace, that’s all we need to know.

    • I hate your lanuge but I L O V E your message. Closure is for the F A M I LY !! not the fans that bought her music or saw her in concert. An entertainer was simply her profession or “Job Title”. Hell my job title is bank teller but that doesn’t mean I want every damn customer that I have every interacted with to see me dead in my casket. Whitney was a real person, someones child and someones mother. Whomever took the pictures and leaked them is lower than low.

  55. From a law and order viewpoint, the really worrying aspect of this account is the reported burial of so much jewellery. I suspect the poor woman’s grave will indeed require the services of a fulltime…bodyguard

  56. Some things should just be respected !! Whitney has a grieving daughter and mom …. There feelings should be respected ….. I feel this was just plain wrong and done in poor taste .

  57. If her family wanted us to see her like that THEY WOULD NOT HAVE HAD A PRIVATE VIEWING AND A 3 HOUR LONG CLOSED CASKET SERVICE.

  58. This is fucked up! Although she looks beautiful in her casket, we as fans DO NOT NEED TO SEE THIS! Whoever took this pic did it for money. The low-life scum, FAMILY OR FUNERAL HOME EMPLOYEE, I don’t care! How would you feel if YOUR family members’ picture in a casket, was plastered all over millions of magazine covers, just to make money? I hate tabloids, especially the Enquirer! I would spit in their faces if I knew you these people were. And closure? Fuck that! Only the family needs that. They are the ONLY ones who should have this picture, not some fan whom she never met or knew! Fuck outta here with that closure bullshit! Who are we as fans? WE ALL SAW THE FUNERAL! That was enough…

  59. *Everyone* wanted to see this picture. That’s why we Googled it & ended up here, even all of you who think it’s so horrific.
    To all of the people replying to any “crackhead/crack pipe/whore/whatever” comments with a slew of profanity, insults, threats, ill wishes (for example: “I hope you die”) & terrible English: you’re just as bad as they are, if not worse. I wouldn’t want someone like any of you to come to *my* defense. I’d just be humiliated.
    To the person who actually said “Whitney was too rich & awesome to use a ‘poor person’s drug’ (I’m assuming you mean crack cocaine)”: well gee, I didn’t know that certain drugs belong in certain classes. I suppose crack should stay in the ghetto where it belongs, right? *note the dripping sarcasm* Apparently you bought into Whitney Houston’s “crack is whack”. The statements she made in that interview were elitist & appalling.
    Whitney Houston had a beautiful voice (though I’m not a fan of her music), but it doesn’t make her a deity. My absolute favorite voice of all time is Freddie Mercury, but I understand that he’s not God.
    As for the photo: having photos published of oneself that one or one’s family might not particularly approve of is the price one pays for living in the public eye. It doesn’t bother me either way that the photo was taken, published, or that someone made any money off of it. Whitney Houston made enough money off of everyone else *concerning herself* in her lifetime, too. It makes no difference to me if someone turns it around for themself.

    • NO! Not everyone wanted to see this picture! Some people stumbled upon it. I know one thing: I NEVER HAVE or WILL buy a National Enquirer! I wouldn’t use it as toilet paper! And if you, high and mighty, don’t care about people making money off of dead people’s photos, you are as low-life as the picture taker was! Greedy, self-serving, piece-of-shit, American Society! Then people wonder why 9/11 happened…YEAH, I SAID IT!

      • I’ve never bought a National Enquirer either; I wouldn’t waste my money. & I highly doubt that you merely “stumbled” upon this, & oh! if perchance that you did, then why did you click on it, then?! It was clearly obvious what you were going to see *prior* to clicking on the link. Don’t try to disguise what you were doing. Have a little pride in your actions.
        Wow, talk about someone telling someone else to “get off their high horse”.
        What in God’s name does any of this have to do with the events of 9/11?? You need a clinical psychiatric evaluation, sweetheart. (There, I said it! *rolls eyes*)

      • No miss you need a dose of reality. It’s that very “attitude” you display on this posts that makes people angry. Politicians, officials, etc. representing this country think they can do whatever they want without consequence. Have you seen Farrenheit 9/11 or even READ anything on the events that lead up to it, not the bullshit on t.v. then you would know what everyone in the “know” knows but you don’t so I suggest you get reading, instead of typing bullshit posts.

    • I saw that interview; she said that “crack was wack” & wound up smoking it! My momma always told me to never say what you’d never do; God may just put you in a position to do that which you stated you’d never do. Everyone, always remember, “But for the grace of God there go I”.

  60. I lay my money on some underling on the funeral home staff. I think morticians & all of their ilk are vultures; preying on the grieving w/their obsequious behavior, which disguises their shylock, overcharging ways (e.g buying a casket wholesale for $500 & selling it to you for $2000!)! Hopefully, the family removed the jewelry before burial. What would have been even better is to have buried her w/reproductions on. You can never really trust the funeral industry; If valuables aren’t stolen off of corpses in funeral homes, they can be lifted by the gravediggers; there are documented cases of this happening! Technically, once buried, a body can be exhumed only by court order. But if the family leaves the cemetery before the body has been lowered into the grave (it is you right to stay & watch them lower the casket), the grave diggers can open it & have at any valuables in it. They can also take the casket to their holding area & switch it for a cheaper one or no casket @ all! This casket switching has occurred recently in some southern cemeteries. It doesn’t make sense to put more money in the ground than necessary. All of that show is to appease the living; the dead have no need for it, nor do they know anything about it. Honor your loved ones while they can still see/experience it and, when the time comes to bury them, caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware!

  61. Eventhough we loved her her family should have been respected in their wishes. Shame on the person For taking the picture and double shame on the ragtag tabloid For printing it. What if it were your loved One? How would you feel? Just ask yourself and be honest.

  62. how did the magazine know the color of her slippers???? inside job if u ask me…disgusting and shame on whoever took it….karma?

  63. U people who wrote all about her family wanting privacy, get real if they wanted privacy they would not have sold the funeral to the TV stations to get televised now yes the networks got a payday but so did the family for televising it. The woman admitted to being a crack head and liking a lot more drugs as well coke and weed were her favorites watch the Oprah interview. The woman lost her mansion in foreclosure and was living in a less then 400,000. townhouse in Georgia she was broke. Yes the family has made alot of money off her death, her records sold again and had not in years, her movie coming out will make more now then if she was alive u same folks would probably be bashing her for how bad she looked in the upcoming movie or what a hasbeen she was. I gurantee u one of her so called friends or family snapped this shot. And as for all the hooplah at the 4 hour funeral where were these so called friends and family at when Whitney needed them. Someone who cared about her should have intervened and tried to help save her. Hopefully, her daughter Bobbi will learn a valuable lesson about not mixing drugs and alcohol so she does not end up like her mom. Whitney was beautiful in her day, but her fame was over, except for low blows to her in the media. I hope she is at peace now, she did look lovely in the pic! and yes they always take the jewels off before they bury u. They were most likely borrowed anyway, or maybe she had left them with her mom so she would not sell for crack or whatever other drug she needed.

    • “left them with her mom so she would not sell for crack or whatever other drug she needed” What the fuck are you talking about? Her mother is not on drugs. Ignorant shit like this just shows how insensitive and dumb you are. Just shut the fuck up!

      • Comments like *this* show how ignorant *you* are. Read what you’re commenting on again. She was talking about *Whitney* not selling the jewels for drugs, not her *mother*. & I’m positive that they were borrowed, like most celebrities borrow jewelry for red carpet events.

      • –If the jewelry wasn’t just flat out fake, which is a very real & plausible possibility.

      • Dumbass! She’s dead! How the hell she going to sell anything? And if they were “borrowed” as you claim, how the hell could they sell them? Think before YOU comment. It would have made since if she was alive but she’s not so you sound dumb to me.

      • read my comment again u r the idiot, i never said her mom was on drugs, Whitney was the one on drugs, maybe this jewelry was all she had left if it was hers and not borrowed and Whitney left it with her mom so she would not sell it for her fav Crack! your the dumb ass! U have your opinion and I have mine. I have the freedom of speech just like u do, so go f yourself if u don’t like what I got to say.

    • Wow. Okay, I’ll explain *s l o w l y* for you.
      *If* they were *real*, she might have sold them *before* her *death*. *If* they are *faux jewels*, then Whitney selling them is no longer part of the idea, as they would have been put on her *after* she was *embalmed*.
      I hope this was not too difficult for you. Or do you need anything else explained?

      • WARNING: Emmeline is a dumb-ass trying to “type” smart. Ignore her. You’ve been warned.

      • Everyone – “monique” and “noneofyourbusiness” are both disgusting, filthy mouth pigs. Please discontinue egging them on. I’m sick of seeing their trash.

      • Anonymous, you must be really good if you can HEAR over your computer screen, dumbass. You’re not worth even mentioning. That’s why you’re ANONYMOUS….

      • Noneofyourbusiness, no one said anything about HEARING anybody. They plainly said SEEING. Why do you misunderstand all of the comments? Aren’t you reading them? And you really are a filthy-mouthed pig who only leaves comments that embarrasses you in the process. I can’t stand guys like you, leaving short, silly comments that have no purpose and don’t carry your arguments or make any points. Are you going to try making fun of me too for ‘typing smart’?

      • @Elizabeth Bitch, I know I made a mistake. You were not here when we blogged live so stay out of my business. I can’t stand people like you, putting in you’re worthless 2 cents after the fact. You ain’t shit! It will never mean anything anyway so why comment? The person I was referring to made a comment and I responded. Stay behind your safe computer screen…

    • @no name: I’m glad that you came back & defended the statement that you made, that I also defended for you. I don’t understand how it was so misconstrued. Apparently “noneofyourbusiness” barely knows how to read, or perhaps failed comprehensive skills in middle school.
      I agree with your statement, by the way. 🙂

      • @noneofyourbusiness: How does one “type” intelligently if one is not intelligent? You’re a disgrace to yourself when you speak.
        I’m a 32 yr old Adolescent Psychiatrist (that’s a *specialist*). I have a Doctorate & a Ph.D in psychiatry. I hardly think that I am a “dumbass”. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • Lol for someone with so much “education” you sure waste time on these blogs, I stumbled on it. I know people in that field. Don’t try to impress people with that. You’re still dumb as hell to me, lol.

      • & you can “lol” & throw ridiculous, inconsequential insults out all that you want, if it makes you feel better. Go right ahead.

      • I’m a thirty-year-old insurance agent, protecting families in case one of them passes away, they can keep their homes. So what? Get over yourself, lol. (Now LAUGHIN MY ASS OF AT YOU)

      • You type using correct english. Is that not having some sort of intelligence to communicate with people (and half wits like you). People like you get the rug pulled from under them. That’s why I laugh at your comments…

    • Coffins are now most often encased in cement. Anyone who tries to dig her up is going to be sorry that they didn’t bring along a generator & a jackhammer.

      • I was going to say the same thing about how they put cement in the graves! You’re right, no one will be getting in there if they try, which would be awful.

  64. Let me start first by saying that this whole Whitney death “press” fiasco has been nothing but a three ring media circus from the word start!! Every day there is something in the news both televised and in printed circulation about the unfortunate time of her passing!!! First of all she was famous and though those of that are not stars and starlets find their lives intriguing they are entitled to their privacy both in life and death. With that being said, I have had major issues with how things were done for her in regards to celebrating her life in the previous days. I am a soldiers wife and how dare the people of New Jersey indulge the notion of flags being flown at half mass for her. This time honored tradition is strictly reserved (or SHOULD be reserved STRICTLY) for those who gave their lives for our freedom (I.E.: Army Navy Marines Air-force and heads of our government) as far as I can tell all Whitney gave to us was a few good songs a couple movies and enough tabloid exploits during her drug phase to produce at best a generic poorly produced and self indulgent reality television show that chronicled her life with a drug addicted abusive [at that time] husband.

    So now I’m watching my t.v. tonight and i see that the National Enquirer has a picture of an open casket with her resting inside it. They were of course able to obtained it from someone seeking there fifteen minutes of fame and a trip to the bank in order to take care of themselves fairly well financially for the next few months. What a family full of class.

    Speaking of class let us not forget that Clive Davis showed us his own superior levels of class as he held a party in the hotel the night of her passing. Party goers acted as if nothing was wrong in the rooms above when where her entourage lay in wait for the body to be moved. after all we wouldn’t want to damper an event of drunken gluttony and dancing before the coveted Grammy awards now would we.

    I am now at a standstill trying to decide why her death has been all about pushing the envelope or a sad attempt at making things as grandiose as her misadventures in life had been. i feel as if Howard Stern the king of shock was given free reign to control the last weeks events. all of this is nonsense. My advice to Hollywood is this. Most of you have made a mockery out of every day life and now death. Just living day to day seems to be a hard enough task for you to handle. You need to get back to basics where honesty and simplicity is the name of the game. You should no longer take momentous life events such as marriages, deaths and the births of your children as opportunities to exploit your selves nor further your fame. A mockery has been made out of the mourning process and i can honestly say iI didn’t expect anything less from Hollywood. This whole event is reminiscent of a bad Jerry Springer episode from start to finish. Get a grip and come back to reality and for just a moment take it all in and act normal. Hollywood icons and tabloid reporters alike are alike these days tacky, ignorant, and out of touch with the things in life that are truly important. It’s time to wake up and realize that there is more to life than a good ego trip! .

    • It is an absolute disgrace & a horrific insult to our soldiers, both alive & dead, if they really flew flags at half-mast for Whitney Houston. This is the first that I’m hearing of this. I’m shocked & appalled at *that*, not at a picture of Whitney Houston in a coffin.

      • The only disgrace is YOU still leaving bullshit comments. The flags were flown HALF-STAFF, not half-mast you half-wit, lol. You type dumber, and dumber, and dumber……

      • It is called “half mast”. Please look it up in a dictionary & come back. Or would you like me to post the definition? You just made yourself look really stupid.

      • Sure thing.

        [haf-mast, hahf-mahst]
        – noun 1. position approximately halfway between the top of a mast, staff, etc., and its base – verb (used with object) 2. to place (a flag) at half-mast, as a mark of respect for the dead or as a signal of distress

        There you go.

      • Still waiting on that definition. Go ahead, show off, lol. Meanwhile, I’ll still have my opinions as you have yours. I just couldn’t help but laugh at them…

      • So we were both right mast and staff, happy now? Is you ego still in tact? Don’t pass out on me now….

      • More inane, inconsequential insults to cover up the fact that you were just plain *wrong*. (Who’s supposed to be the half-wit here again?) It’s very tiring. Say something that’s worth the effort, instead of thinking that I’m going to “hurry” for you.

      • -sigh-
        The word “staff” is within the context of the definition of half-mast, not as a synonym for half-mast.

      • YOUR definition: staff, mast, etc. describing different things with like meanings. They are the same, are they not? Please use that degree correctly….

      • I *do* see “slow people”, and their families. It’s called a “kindness”. How nice to know that you’re one of those people who mock others like that (yes I’ll count you amongst them), and for that you’re no longer even worth the amusement factor of this pseudo-argument. Have a nice life selling insurance, or whatever low-life job it is that you have.

      • Low life job? I’m protecting families and making money at it. A win win for everyone. I know what I need to do and how to do it. I just HOPE (for your patients) you know what to do…

      • I’m serious. Tell me what you think after checking out the link. I like to pass on information to good people. (HOPING you’re one of them but don’t know…)

      • To Emmeline

        Your comments both about who Whitney Houston was and what/who the American Flag should represent are indicative of a person who is ignorant and grossly misinformed and so I would suggest you stop watching and listening to the twisted media and relying upon YOUTUBE as a credible source of information…

        First off, I respect our military, I appreciate everything they do and all they sacrifice in order to provide for our continued safety and peace of mind. I sincerely believe they are not given the amount of financial compensation nor the respect they are due.

        That being said, OUR American flag is a powerful symbol of ‘Americanism’, Throughout the world the flag has been used in public to refer to the United States, not only as a nation, state, government, and set of policies, but also as a set of ideals. This set of ideals do not belong to the military only, but to ALL Americans who have sacrificed and helped shape this country with their contributions. So in short, the flag represents us all, not just the military.

        As Governor Christie said: There are many contributions that individuals make to their State or Country that merit honor upon their deaths. Political contributions, military contributions, public service contributions, and cultural contributions. Whitney Houston was a cultural Icon and is being honored for her cultural contributions to the State of New Jersey. – Did you scream this loud when Clarence Clemons, (Saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen) was honored by flying the flag half staff?- I doubt it!

        The flag is displayed at half-staff as a sign of respect or mourning and I believe Governor Christie made the right decision in honoring Whitney Houston by doing so. She was ‘America’s sweetheart’ and the daughter of New Jersey! She was MORE than ‘just a drug addict’ she was a ‘gifted’ woman of god, who was also a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a ‘flawed ‘human being just like YOU!

        Being hooked on drugs does not negate her service, her gift, nor does it take away the contributions that she made to this country and to the State of New Jersey and you would be very upset if your husband became addicted to drugs and was denied his pension and credit for time served in the military wouldn’t you? You would say his addiction does not automatically negate his contribution to his country. Well, the same must also apply to Whitney Houston.

      • Looks like you’ll be waiting for that girl forever, lol! By the way, you should learn some new insults and threats. I’ve never read anyone type so damn repetitively in my entire life! “Dumbass, dumbass, dumbass, yeah you better remain anonymous (like that’s clever or something)”. Oh, and 1 more “dumbass”.

    • To mom in Ohio,

      While I can certainly understand your logic and can even go so far as to agree with you on much of what you said, I couldn’t help but wonder why you would try to reduce Whitney Houston to nothing more than a ‘drug addict’ who only gave us a ‘few songs and a few movies and who was married to a abusive husband. Your comments both about who Whitney Houston was and what/who the American Flag should represent are indicative of a person who is ignorant and grossly misinformed and so I would suggest you stop watching and listening to the twisted media and relying upon YOUTUBE as a credible source of information…

      First off, I respect our military, I appreciate everything they do and all they sacrifice in order to provide for our continued safety and peace of mind. I sincerely believe they are not given the amount of financial compensation nor the respect they are due.

      That being said, OUR American flag is a powerful symbol of ‘Americanism’, Throughout the world the flag has been used in public to refer to the United States, not only as a nation, state, government, and set of policies, but also as a set of ideals. This set of ideals do not belong to the military only, but to ALL Americans who have sacrificed and helped shape this country with their contributions. So in short, the flag represents us all, not just the military.

      As Governor Christie said: There are many contributions that individuals make to their State or Country that merit honor upon their deaths. Political contributions, military contributions, public service contributions, and cultural contributions. Whitney Houston was a cultural Icon and is being honored for her cultural contributions to the State of New Jersey. – Did you scream this loud when Clarence Clemons, (Saxophonist for Bruce Springsteen) was honored by flying the flag half staff?- I doubt it!

      The flag is displayed at half-staff as a sign of respect or mourning and I believe Governor Christie made the right decision in honoring Whitney Houston by doing so. She was ‘America’s sweetheart’ and the daughter of New Jersey! She was MORE than ‘just a drug addict’ she was a ‘gifted’ woman of god, who was also a mother, a daughter, a wife, and a ‘flawed ‘human being just like YOU!

      Being hooked on drugs does not negate her service, her gift, nor does it take away the contributions that she made to this country and to the State of New Jersey and you would be very upset if your husband became addicted to drugs and was denied his pension and credit for time served in the military wouldn’t you? You would say his addiction does not automatically negate his contribution to his country. Well, the same must also apply to Whitney Houston.

      • I’m sorry, but I was reading through these comments and wondered why you copied and pasted this exact same comment to Emmeline? All she said was that she was shocked at the flag stuff and not at the picture. She didn’t comment at all on Whitney Houston, or who she was or what she did in life, only on the picture. I don’t think that’s fair, and it’s downright lazy to copy and paste the same comment to 2 totally different people, especially when they’ve made 2 totally different comments.
        I’m sorry again, but I have to agree with Emmeline. Shocking about the flags- the coffin picture, not so much.
        (She was fun to read! She totally trashed that guy that was trying to screw with her for no reason, and then she left him hanging like the ass he is! Score for the girls!)

      • @spoilme40055 and Big Momma:

        Very well articulated and much appreciated.

        Rest In Paradise Whitney.

        (nonsense like these sensationalist headlines keep us from reading why some senators want to see America at war with Iran. Wake Up People and stop making the national rag wealthier).

  65. It was made very clear that only friends and family would be able to view her body so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out that one of them OR someone at the funeral home took this picture and sold it. All that B.S. about her being a star and this coming with the territory is just that B.S. The family did not authorize this photo and it was sold without their permission. It’s wrong to do that and it is disrespectful period. Our society has been reduced to a bunch of troll-like sell-outs! people corrupt morally and spiritually. They will not only sell-out their own mama to the highest bidder but will sell their own souls too! The national enquirer is nothing more than toilet paper! The owners of the magazine are a bunch of soul-less individuals who have a lot of money but who are empty on the inside. I pity them and those working for them…but moreso, I place blame on US as a consumer of these magazines..because they are CONSUMER DRIVEN….and so if we protested by NOT buying them and condemned them for doing what they do it would force them to change so what does that say about US? enuff said…

    • well said…. I agree we should protest or start a website or SOMETHING! this is wrong…she is so beautiful and had the voice to match! regardless of her lifestyle I still love her , no one is perfect the goodness in her overshadows the bad things about her…

    • I also agree with you, spoilme40055 but take it up a notch and express my issue at the people who purchased the I LOVE YOU WHITNEY tee shirts from merchants who were making huge profits at Ms Houston’s expense, with total disregard for Ms Houston and her grieving family. I specifically target the consumers because they were and continue to be the reason these worthless scum bags stay in business.

      • I agree. Sometimes fans can do damage by keeping up with the hype, buying things that do not support the artists. Sometimes people really don’t think when it comes to things like that.

    • So do I.
      (& I’ll bet “noneofyourbusiness” has something to say about that, but I’ll say in advance that I really don’t care if he/she does.)

      • I’m a man. Just so you know….You don’t have to care what I think. I just like to be informed. Only God can judge, ya know….

    • I also believe this was the work of a trusted friend, the funeral home employees, or her family…either way, it’s pathetic and the person or persons responsible will be found out and dealt with I’m sure!

  66. I think someone at the funeral home sold the pic and is trying to make it seem like someone in her inner circle did it. Who would have the most unsupervised acsess to her but people at the funeral home.

  67. I think they shouldn’t have done it…….. out of respect for her family. Ummm I think it’s real and I also think someone from that funeral home was paid really well to do this! But she looks very beautiful and peaceful!! R.I.P Whitney Houston!!

  68. We know her as Whitney. The beauty with the vocal chords kissed by God. I’m thankful that she shared her voice with us.I have her albums and CD’s so I can listen to her whenever I want. If I want to see Whitney, I can turn to YouTube.So when you think about it, I will never loose Whitney, the performer. Bobbi Christina losed her mother, Nippy. Nippy is a person we did not know . She was a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, and best friend. All the family wanted was a few hours to say goodbye to Nippy in private. Everyone family gets that opportunity. I’m sorry they didn’t.

    • SERIOUSLY ???? who cares. Her mother cares, her brothers care, her daugther cares and legions of her friends care. Perhapes when you did someone will care but in your case probably NOT. Some much for compassion for your fellow human being.

    • Suzanne, you may not care but there are MILLIONS of us out here who do care!- You and people like you are whats wrong with the world today. You are all for self! but as soon as something happens to you or your clan, you want sympathy and god makes sure you get NONE!


  69. what is the difference what color the casket is or was. if the fam hadnt tried to keep eveything so hidden, this would not be an issue. i really dont see the point in not sharing this with her fans. she looks beautiful. how can Whitney rest with so much controversy. how much would these photos be worth if they had an open casket publisized funeral. we are doing just what the tabloids want us to do…act a fool

  70. I think as others would say this was done so America could have closure for her. We wanted to see her and this was a way for us to also have a look to say good bye. The Color was this way because of the poor lighting in the Funeral Home.

  71. I think it had to have been someone the worked at the funeral home, because if that was taken when the family was there, they would be all around her or there would have been atleast a few people in the picture. This was someone that WORKED there. Had to have been.

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  73. It probably was bobby brown broke ass who took the picture…. muthafucka ain’t had a hit in over a decade…. Whitney baby I love you! may you rest in paradise baby love! no one could ever sing like you or take your place…. its only 1 Whitney Houston!

  74. It’s bad enough a mother lost a daughter, a daughter lost a mother and the world lost a great entertainer, now this piece of crap tabloid exploits her by posting a picture of her in her casket???!!!!!!! That isn’t something Cissy and Bobbi Kristina wants to see! I’ve never liked the enquirer and now I DESPISE them!!! No respect at all. Whoever provided them the pic AND the enquirer needs to be sued and the enquirer needs to be put out of business!!!!

  75. I thought the photo in the coffin was done very tastfully. Lots of people take death photos. Whitney was a public figure and didnt hide anything from her fans. She was very honest and open in life and i dont think she would find her death photo being shown. She is the most beautiful person i have ever see in a coffin. Prettier than most people alive!

  76. it has nothing to do with her fans… u shared her all her life pretty much, she had no privacy at all with everyone being in her business and true loyal fans in my opinion, would have understood that her family wanted that private moment, I wouldn’t have had her funeral live, again it has nothing to do with the fans, but its those who pretend to be one, or those who had always had something negative about her, who wanted to see her that way,….I mean I personally didn’t want to see her like that but she did look peaceful… I watched so many interviews and all people said about her, and she was tired, very tired… she didn’t know she would be this big, have an impact on so many people, a icon, a legend, but now I understand all she really wanted was a normal life at some point, she was tired of everyone in her business, but I hope and she has peace now…. again I love you Whitney!

  77. Ok we all know that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is a piece of shit rag paper and this is the stuff they look for so ultimately they are not responsible however I would like to know who the so called FREIND or family member is that took it and sold it to them is?? Considering the viewing was only for close people in her life . That is clearly WRONG!! That person should go to the brooklyn bridge and JUMP! Because they are a piece of shit and no one will care when they are DEAD!!!!!

    • maybe Bobby Brown or his sister, she took pictures of her house when all that crack and stuff was there and sold them, so who knows, I know whoever did it was a fake ass when she was alive being her friend pretending they love her, I wouldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it… I’ll be scared as shit thinking she’ll come back and haunt my ass for the rest of my life

      • Couldn’t agree more. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Hasbeen Bobby Brown who got her hooked on drugs in the first place leaked the pics………. or someone from his camp.

  78. I’m sure if the pic is real, it will come out who sold it. Most people can’t keep a new wad of money a secret. Such a shame. If we would all stop thinking we own them, maybe so many of them wouldn’t end up like this. I think we can all appreiciate what it’s like to have privacey. Anyone on here ever been subject to gossip? Had a fight you had with a boyfriend or spouse, or worse a teenager, that was discussed by neighbours? Imagine going to the grocery store and it be plastard all over the papers. Or worse yet it never happened and it’s there anyway. Or just a pick posted on facebook that’s less than flattering? These are just people who choose to entertain us. We are so mean to our entertainers. Like they owe us something. Don’t we owe them a little respect? A little sensitivity? They give enough. Especially the ones that end up like this. RIP Whitney…finally.

  79. The only problem I have with the photo being leaked is that I’m sure somebody was paid for it and knowing that it had to be somebody close to miss whitney and her family totally disgust me and its a damn shame that people don’t have enough love and respect for her and her family to pass up a quick buck but we all have to answer to God one day and he will be the judge and for the record her casket was chrome.

  80. Wow all about the doller things that are called private means that only the people that they want to know that why it’s called private get it . May she rest in peace .

  81. Enough of this…there are thousands of people dying fighting for America, facing unbelievable horrors and excruciating pain fighting for our country. What has she done for humanity apart from throwing away all that fame, fortune, privilege and good luck given to her on a silver platter? She wasted all that and paid for it. She partied, drank, and shot up – did this rich woman help anyone else? Save the sobbing for another day!

  82. This is just wrong. Someone took this pic and sold it for their own greed. Family should be able to have their privacy and then take it while she’s in her casket smfh. Money hungry ass people.

  83. Just goes to show how money hungry filth will do anything to profit off such a tragic scumbag whoever took that pic!!!

  84. Don’t forget that hundreds of years ago in Europe and Great Britain, death masks were made of a loved one and it was considered quite acceptable to do so.

  85. Disgusting! Whitneys brother in law Ray aka her bodyguard ask for everyone to “respect our celebrites”. Why would anyone post a private pictures of Ms. Whitney Houston when the family asked for privacy. There is just no respect in or world. Some people have no morals or values, just greed. My sincere apologies to the friends and family of Whitney Houston, for being violated… Best wishes to Miss. Bobbi Christina, we love you all.

    • Wow.. Everyone is coming on here with a whole lot to say and no one hears it or cares but the other bloggers. I don’t know any of you but what’s clear is that you are all opinionated and passionate about your points. Which still fall on deaf ears. You can’t control anyone or judge them. Including whomever leaked the photo. They have to give an account for that. Let it be. And also, Whitney loved her fans and didn’t keep anything hidden after admitting her issues, sharing in her passing is no different. Regardless to her being someones daughter/ mother, the attention, exploits, and exaggeration come with fame territory. Sad but true. Lastly, we didn’t cry because we knew her.. We cried because we knew her struggles and the effort she made to recover, only to lose her life in the process. On a Human level it’s sad. Regardless to who it is. And yes, God is with us even during our mess. He doesnt agree, but his word says he will never leave us nor forsake us, and also that nothing will separate us from his love. Regarding the jewels. What difference does it make? She’s gone. How about we all put this same bickering energy toward her daughter, mother, and all those who grieve this tragic loss. Arguing and making foolish points won’t change anything, but prayer will. God bless.

  86. Whitney owed us nothing yet we owe her respect and privacy. Unfortunately many feel that ‘stars’ make money off them from being famous. The truth is the morbid curiosity & immorality of this society creates demigods. Whitney, like most (think linsanity) are doing what they love yet, we create some God to worship & forget that they are mortal humans. Whitney, like us all suffered from being human but suffered more from being under the scrutiny of all humans with every breath she took. Death is the only promise in life; life itself is not promised. Let her rest in peace. Cherish what she gave us, show some respect & loyalty, allow her family to grieve in private. For those who call themselves ‘close or friends, or there for her & close employees’ dare not sit in the camera & share anything but positive,rather stay away from the limelight adding to your 15 minutes of fame. For the rest show some humility & understand that a family is grieving as yours surely will one day.

  87. I am very happy to actually have the privilege of seeing Ms. Whitney Houston with the casket open – However, I do find it distatseful for whomever sold this photo for monetary gain without the wishes of the Houston Family…

    Even though as Fans we have gotten our closure there still will be no closure for the Houston Family because someone that was obviously trusted to keep Whitney Houston’s wake private has DEFINITELY betrayed the family…

    Because there is no one else in the room when the photo was taken makes me believe it had to have been a staff member, but quite possibly it could have been someone that seized the opportunity at the wake when no one else was in the room…

    It hurts me that people can be so money hungry & sneeky, but this is the way of the world and “It is… What it is…”…

    God bless Ms. Whitney Houston’s family and I hope that they will find some kind of closure & peace while they are going through their grieving…


  88. You are an idiot. What about her family. They had a private viewing for a reason, and for you to sit here and say you deserve to see her body just shows what is wrong with this world today. Who cares if you were a fan in the grand scheme of this woman’s life you knew nothing about her except for what you saw on tv and in magazines. She just like you is a human being and does not deserve her dead body plastered all over the internet. If you were truly a fan you would have respect for her and her family and see that this is disgusting.

  89. Her casket was shiny gold. U can tell in the full pic its the lighting thats making it look like a bronze-ish/brown-ish color…..Honestly i was curious to know what she look like. I am definetly at ease to know she did look like herself. She looks at peace. She dont look bad at all as like when some funeral homes set you up and make you look like a total different person….You can def it is a inside job of who did took this picture. My thing is how would anyone know what was one her feet?? The bottom part of the casket was closed. Not to mention the value of her jewels….Sounds like to me either the person that prepped her body and got her dressed did this or whoever picked out her clothes or knew about her outfit/jewelry….So whomever it is, is and was very close to know this info…

  90. i think that if the ceremony and burial was just video taped then there would not be problems with people selling pictures of ms houston

  91. Family didn’t do this. They loved her. An employee did this. That’s why they have no comment. Let the family have a family moment with Whitney. She shared her talent with the world but her family time was shared with her family. This is a tasteless, disrespectful photo. It was wrong when the NE ran the Elvis casket photo and it’s wrong now! Why would anyone want to see this? Let your “last photo” be a happy, positive photo. This world needs to grow up!

  92. The casket was gold, not brown or silver. I was just waiting for a photo like this to surface. The minute the family declared there would be no public viewing, they created a market for a bootleg photo. I believe it’s real and I also believe it’s disrespectful for the Enquirer to violate the family’s privacy this way. But they’re an equal opportunity disrespecter. I wanted to see her in repose as part of the farewell process, but not this way.

  93. My prayers goes out to her daughter BOBBIE CHRISTINA, to her wonderful mother Cissy Houston and the entire family. She’s resting NOW with her heavenly Father.She has been set free. NIPPY WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!


    • I’m sure you personally made very little contribution to her fame and fortune just with this ignorant comment alone. In case you didn’t know that family had the money before Whitney became anyone. They all are successful in that family besides their flaws. Let them have some privacy at this delicate time. As a true fan would respect that.

  95. The NE has always been ruthless and contemptuous of people’s wishes for privacy; so, this is nothing new for the rag. The issue is how the photograph was obtained. Truth be told, most of her fans wished they could have attended the wake to view the body. Viewing the body is one way of bringing acceptance and closure. Whitney Houston sometimes seemed larger than life and was absolutely loved by so many. The lines would have been extraordinarily long.

    Somebody betrayed/violated the trust of her daughter, mother, and other family members; the family intended this to remain private. That betrayal/violation is the breach.

  96. I feel the coffin Photo was in very bad taste…Whitney was in the public eye her whole life..And she left many wonderful things to this world, Her Beautiful Voice, Her Beautiful Soul, Thanks Whitney for all of the Memories! I feel now that we should let her Rest In Peace. You have done your part Beautiful Whitney…Now it is time for you to claim your wings..Go and Sing with the Angels…..Forever in my Heart!!!

  97. Aren’t you glad some sleazy magazine will always figure how to get its hands on the most private moments imaginable to grieving friends and relatives and somehow manage to bring the joy a few bucks away from your doorstep. Maybe one day if you happen to be an important person you too can hope to see your pitiless soul sunbathing in front of a lap dancing public hungry to get whatever last glimpse they can of you.

    Isn’t it time you became a celebrity too?

  98. Come on ppl you can tell these pictures was taken with a phone yall act like a professional took these!!!!!!! dam what more do yall want!!!!!!!!! She looks like the diva she was!!!!!

  99. I hope who ever took this will go to hall just so they can feel what her family is feeling u did it for the money and we all no this I will never read the NE and I hope that one will do the same

  100. That is just too private to publish on paper! I say the media yet crossed the line, its not fair! That’s Y it was said “family private viewing” and it happened to have back stabbers to be in the room, to tyk images and publish them! That’s sick and its not worth public intrest to see our whitney’s lifeless body. RiP Nippy

  101. Wow, what a bunch of ignorant comments!
    Poor Whitney was probably surrounded by mercenary idiots, too. I predict her death will be called natural, since she undoubtedly ruined her health and voice by her previous drug use. There’s only so much abuse a body can take.


  103. Whitney looks Great, & it is sad that her last picture is on the cover of magazines & all over the net. Somethings are meant to be private, but I was wondering how she looked. At least its a nice picture ..Rest in heaven Whitney

  104. She is pretty but this is highly disrespectful to the family. They didn’t allow the public to view her body for a reason. The family don’t want to go on the internet years from now and happen to come across a pic of their loved one dead in a casket. You should be greatful the family allowed the public to watch the funeral

  105. I think Everyone involved in the process of taking this picture, selling it publishing it and anyone who buys this magazine is absolutely disgusting! This was not just a celebrity she was human. She was a mother and a daughter to someone! Imagine that was someone close to you in their most vulnerable time or your mother or daughter! When I walk into the grocery store and see magazines like Hello magazine I see a beautiful picture of Whitney Houston, that’s so respectful and then you see the Enquirer, it’s so disrespectful I didn’t even look twice at it!!!

  106. I think that it is reeeeeaaaallly funny how a lot of you are sooooooooooo offended about these last pictures of Whitney taken in her casket……. yet & still….. you were curious enough to google them…. which led you to this site to begin with!!!! Hahahahaha Such hypocrites!!!!

    • A “private moment?” Exploitation? Nothing about Whitney’s death was private. If anyone exploited her, it was her family! Did you see that never-ending funeral all over the tv? The golden casket? All the gold limos? Flash trash to the end.

  107. I wasn’t going comment on this but I see a few people arguing about the color of the casket and rather or not this is real or fake. This woman has lived her life. Just let her rest. This picture is in no way of good taste. Some people just don’t care about privacy. This is just a way for this magazine to keep getting the attention its getting. So let’s all agree to disagree and let this be a lesson to not spend your money on trash like this.

  108. Let‘s Remember Whitney Houston as a Music Legend, Icon and a Mother
    We all know that life is unpredictable and fragile, however she was a child of God but unfortunate things do happened. Whitney has inspired me throughout my growing up and her songs are always touching to the mind, body and soul. I remember many great songs that had molded me through my love life ; for example “ I Believe In You And Me” and “ I’ll Always Love You”.
    Yes! We all make mistakes in life and we learn from life experience. Yes! She is an adult and she is responsible for her life but sometimes when we are in trouble waters, we need help and not criticism in the moment of distress. She was in her moment and need help with her problems but it is not frequent that we see the need to help those who are in serious difficulties in their lives. However, it is not the time to make speculations and judgments throughout this heartbreaking time; it is a very sad moment for the Houston’s family, friends and fans. So be careful how we judge and what we say. We have loss great sister of our human race.
    A Prayer for the Family
    Heavenly father, I ask you to give your mercy and grace at this time –a time of a very poignant moment. I ask that you may watch over the family and guide them with your spiritual blessing and continual healing; to smooth their pain, sorrow and suffering. May your glory and power be with them all, that they may seek each other in their difficult tragedy- Give the mother a sense of healing to soften the grief and pain that she endure at this time in her life. May you heavenly father, bless Whitney’s soul so that she will rest in peace and harmony. Thanks be to God!
    Amen. H.W

  109. I just pray for peace for her family, things like this just make it hard to ever trust folks. this is just low down and dirty. not only do I pray for her family but I also pray for some of the folks who have commented without any reguard or respect for the family.

    • I don’t like the way she’s being treated as a dead goddess, either. She could sing- SO WHAT. A LOT of prople are talented who never become famous OR become junkies. A lot of people actually do GOOD in the world. Would the world be in worse shape if Whitney Houston could not sing? NO. She was just a human being who screwed up more than most people do, and she paid the price.
      For the record, I just wanted to see the picture.

  110. The picture gives all of us closure who opened this site specifically to see the casket picture. I am glad the NE provided the information; they do have reliable sources for stories from people who depend on NE for a occasional income. There is always an element of truth in their stories.

    To deny that she was addicted to drugs; even when close family and friends and pictures confirm that there was a drug problem, seems incredulous to me.

    She lived her life in the limelight and died in it because she is a mega-celebrity. Thats how things work in 2012.

  111. can we all just let the family grieve i realizethat the enquirer has to sell papers but how would they feel if it was their family there are alot more important stories out there to report let the departed rest respect the whitney and her family and if you have to sell papers that badto put a dead person on cover then boy sales must really be down i should not be suprised tho it is a gossip rag done in very poor taste its bad enough what crap you write about the stars when they are alive but to profit off them when they die where is the humanity and if you do have to put it on cover wait awhile not while wounds and memories so fresh. its just sad that a profit is more important than having a conscience or moral compass fore that matter fake pic or not still poor taste not only for whitney but all the other deceased stars that have been subjected to the paper in the past i hope the publisher and photographer get more respect when they die than what they give celebs dead or alive

  112. I think Whitney looks beautiful, as she did in life, however, I do not think it is right to sell these private pictures just to make a buck! I am a huge fan, always have been and always will be. I pray that God is pleased with Whitney, that he blesses her to a life in paradise, and eases the pain of her loved ones. She had a voice like no other, the sound of perfection, with matching looks. Rest in peace Whitney, you will never be forgotten. ❤

  113. This is flat out wrong and disrespectful to the family. People feel they are “OWED” this and that even when something doesn’t belong to them. You would feel differently if you were in their place. I loved Whitey just as much as the next peson. But it is still wrong!
    I remember when Elvis died in 1977. One of his cousins done the same thing. Hs made a picture of Elvis in the coffin, and sold it to the Enquirer. If my memory serves me right I believe it was $100,000 dollars for the photo.
    Anyway no matter who it is that has passed on, have some respect for the diseased and the family’s involved.
    Just remember like the song that Elvis used to sing “Walk A Mile In My Shoes”. Don’t be quick to judge, have respect for others. You don’t know what that person has been through till you have been in their place/shoes. In other words been in the same situation as them.

  114. If her family and so called friends/fans CARED about her she’d probably still be alive!
    They were all about the money and themselves!
    R.I.P. Whitney!

  115. She looks like she’s sleeping. Had they opened it at the funeral service that’s one thing. But what makes it in poor tastes is that it’s plastered on the front page of a magazine and it was done for money. Disrespectful!!!

  116. “viney
    February 22, 2012 at 8:02 pm


    EXCUSE ME???
    the funeral was private, the Family /friends/ and loved ones went to the PRIVATE VIEWING!!!!! with the open casket.

    The church that was broadcasted was a CLOSED CASKET!!!!!!!

    these leaches somehow paid someone a sneaky snake in the grass for this pic, and it’s not right,
    show her some dignity at least but what’s the difference from her and Michael Jackson’s naked Autopsy pic that one made millions, now didn’t it? the NE isn’t the only tabloid rag but they are just as bad.
    what wont these tabloid’s do for money?

    • Yes – so true!!! There is always a snake in a group so everyone beware! However, Whitney look beautiful! They can’t blame this on Bobby Brown!

      • Sure they can. He was there and he said he paid his respects, and left.You’d be surprised what people will do for the right price. I’d have been surprised if it hadn’t turned up. Bad taste..?? yeah, pretty much

  117. When is enough is enough. You people have went over the top. You did not think about the family of what their reaction would be. You did not care. Yes, she was a star in every sense of the word but she was also a daughter and a mother. You went over the line, for what, that god awful almighty dollar. I hope who ever took this picture can live with their self. It was a total invasion of privacy. She has found peace now. Please leave her alone. Her family is in my thoughts and prayers. May they find peace and comfort now..

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  119. The thing that gets me upset is that probably this was done without the permission of the family! People will do everything to make a few dollars, even when you have to sneak into a room where no one but family was allowed and start making pictures of a dead body, than you don’t really have any respect for the family!

  120. you are all friggin idiots!!!!! regardless of what people do for an OCCUPATION does not give anyone the right to intrude on his or her privacy. Not to mention hello morons Whitney left a daughter behind who is being subject to your idiocracy. Noone has the right to take a photo of ANYONE deceased for the sake of entertainment and by saying this is your closure as a fan, are you serious???? get a life and go F yourself since you have no ethics, morals or dignity… God I wish I never stumbled across this and all these ignorant idiots…God help America with morons like this living here

  121. Here is a gifted and beautiful woman with a daughter and everything to live for, who had everything stripped away by the disease of addiction. She lost her prime, she lost her sunset years, she will never be able to redeem her failure to her daughter or family, she will never see her daughter marry or meet her grandchildren. It is such an appalling loss. Get some perspective: the picture is insignificant. Be shocked and offended by whatever machinations fed her fatal disease.

  122. What I find hypocritical is that the story clearly highlights that this is a picture of Whitney Houston in her casket, so all of you who left a comment about this is unfair to the family what was your reason of looking? If you respected the family as you expect the media to of why did you not bypass the story? Or you gonna say that you never looked just decided to write a comment and get off the page?
    As living breathing people we are are curious…its our nature…

  123. I would enjoy reading more comments on what you people thought about this if maybe even half of you knew how to freaking spell words that i learned in 2nd grade.

  124. This is poor taste. Let this woman rest in peace. So what if she was a celebrity. If she was a nobody no one would really care about her death photos or even the fact that she died. Whoever leaked this picture took away the little and last privacy from their family. Being that I went to school with her nephew I find it very offensive and I am very sadden and hurt for the family. This trashy magazine has just put up an image that the family has already is being dealt with by the family. This family is mourning and the world should just respect their privacy. Yes she had millions of fans but if they are true fans they would respect her family wishes and let them mourn privately and in their own way and time. A tasteless picture for a few dollars, so tacky. This magazine should be a shame. Everyone is entitled to privacy. Think about her young daughter that now has to live the rest of her life without the closest woman to her, her mom that had to bury her child. She was a huge factor in that family and not just because she had the fame and fortune. Her spirit, attitude, and good heart was the glue to that family and the world is ignoring the fact that she was human line the rest of us. Just have some respect please.

  125. Obviously,a family member or guest there,took the picture and sold it.s for the date above the bar code,that someone mentioned-that is the “date to sell by”.Many publications do that,it means nothing in regards to the picture.

  126. I can see both sides of this!!

    Yes it was very wrong to invade something so private. If the family wanted people to see her dead than the viewing would have been public and not private!
    But I also have to say how beautiful and peaceful she looked and I was curious to see what she looked like, so I looked!

    To all the people that have written comments like “You Idiot” or “Disgusting” well if that was true why did you look!!!!!!!!
    You looked it up on the internet (I’m sure no one forced you to) and if you really did not want to see Whitney in her coffin, you would not have even looked in the first place.

    In saying that everyone has the right to there own opinion!

    R.I.P Whitney Houston

  127. Very un professional, no respect for the dead.
    Sad to see this world becoming a place without respect and decent behaviour toward others.
    And yes you have freedom of information or whatever butt people who do this for a living should be ashamed for this level of need gathering……

    Ron de vries the Netherlands.

  128. You people claiming to be horrified and saying it’s digusting and in bad taste,still went to the page to see it.Morbid curiosity.The same way we all slow down and crane our necks to see an accident or watch a cop give someone a ticket.
    The above post is correct.The date near the bar code is the date to sell by.Then it’s pulled off store shelves and the next issue comes out with an “ahead” date.Even People Magazine does it,among others.The date has nothing to do with the photo and the date doesn’t make the picture fake.Check any news stand and you will see dates that are far in advance,depending on when new issues are released.
    When Selena was shot by her manager,her fans didn’t believe it,so her family published a coffin picture in People.Also,Grace Kelly’s coffin picture was published in People.This is nothing new.

  129. Other than the camera man, the room appears to be empty. If my mother were famous and she was dressed with $500,000 worth of jewelry and gold slippers, I’d have a guard 247. If you don’t think they didn’t have security there with her from the time she was taken to the funeral home you’re nuts! Someone in her family allowed the photo to be taken as Whitney’s final, for lack of a better word, performance. She looks beautiful and I know from losing a child that you want to share those final moments with anyone who cared about your loved one.

  130. OK—-I was/am a major fan of Whitney’s–AND formally from NJ–my family has been in business for over 60 years in Newark, and we know the solid reputation of the Whigham Funeral

  131. Regardless of whether the pictures of Whitney lying ‘in state’ are real or fake, it is still in poor taste. Just looking at this picture once again reminds me that ANYONE will do ANYTHING, to SOMEONE for money. The family had a PRIVATE viewing of the body for family and close friends. (If family took the pic, where are the chairs where they can sit and mourn?) If they had’ve wanted the public to view the body, her casket would have been opened during the televised funeral. Since none of the family or friends are present in the pic, we can only speculate that it was taken when they weren’t present. The conclusion: Someone at the funeral home either took the picture or they allowed someone else to come in and do it, therefore transfering the blame to an outside party. The family should sue the funeral home for this travesty. For the amount of money that was paid for their services, a certain set of rules apply. Privacy being number one. The loss of a loved one is always tragic, regardless of how they lived or how they died. Who among us would want to be online or standing in the grocery store checkout and see a picture of our mother, father, family or friend lying in a casket? No one.

  132. let me proceed—-the above “post” Something to think about, these are my observations based on knowing the flawless reputation of this particular funeral home—After looking at the photo–I do NOT think that this is actually Whitney—this looks like an “impersonator”–of which there are many—the makeup is horrible–VERY DRAGGY–and I am certain that Whitney’s regular people did her face for the burial—this is NOTHING like Witney’s regular style and I happen to know that
    the security from the time she was brought there until she left for the burial, was fierce-plus they all signed-off on Non-Disclosure agreements— I think that this is a sham photo that was passed off as genuine. The entire situation is the most disgraceful example of lack of human decency and I am trusting my instincts on this one. But I guess
    desperate people do desperate things when greed is their motivation. REST-IN-PEACE, dear Whitney——–I got your back—no one in YOUR crew would EVER have put that lipstick on you—–and I will keep shouting that this is NOT YOU”……………..

    • “Regular people” do not do dead people’s makeup. You can’t just use regular makeup on a dead person- it absolutely does not and will never work. You have to use what is essentially paint, and every inch of showing skin is covered in it. A “makeup artist” doesn’t do this. You have to specialize in preparing the dead for being seen publicly.

  133. What a shame!!! A cheap way to show disrespect to on of the greatest singer of all times.
    They got photo of Elvis, MJ, and now WH; why couldn’t they find Osama’s?

  134. Why do we lift up the drug users of the world and glorify their name as if their drug use is ok! 10 – 20 years from now let us remember these drug users, child molesters etc….

  135. they did,with tupac s othopsi,foto
    they did michael jackson
    now witney houston
    they dont care,its all about the money
    anything for money
    (mj song)

  136. This is absolutly discusting how the national enquirer can publish that photo let alone take possession of it in the first place. Anybody with a hint of desency, class and respect for a family who has just lost a member of their family would never do such a thing just make money off making magazines. Especially when whitneys 18 tear old daughter is trying to come to terms with what has happened. How does anyone at the national enquirer sleep at night knowing they have published this. I urge eveyone not to but that magazine.

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  139. I feel like this picture was taken against Whitney’s family’s wishes, if they wanted everyone to see her like this they would not have canceled the public memorial. It is sickening that someone is profiting from her dealth! RIP WHITNEY<3

  140. So sad. Addiction kills. Do we have any doubt that we would still have this lovely lady if it weren’t for the the life she led? I pray that her daughter will find the strength to reach her potential in her life and remember the happy times she shared with her mother.

  141. So everyone has come to this site to see the picture of Whitney in her coffin, and all kind of people say it’s inappropriate….
    Isn’t that just a little hypocrite?

  142. I am truly amazed at all the comments. Why not leave her to go Home in peace. Her contract on this earth had expired and she has fulfilled what she was meant to do here.
    Respect her family and let them remeber her as a child, monther and relative.
    Do we not have any respect for humans at all? Ione Rooney – South Africa.

  143. Who cares? Cissy Houston sold the rights to the actual funeral. Who is to say she isn’t the one who sold the pics to make money? After all, she has already proven that she wants to make money on the deal.

  144. Just a quick note about the $500K jewelry. I live in Tennessee, where there is a State Law – any items of value, such as watches, rings, jewelry, etc. is not allowed to be buried with a person, and must be removed prior to interment. This law was intended to deter grave robbery years ago. I would think New Jersey has a similar law on the books. Most likely, any items of value were removed prior to burial.

  145. The casket photo shows Whitney lying dead in her golden casket the ” reporter writes. Dead? Is she really? what a load of crap this ” newspaper” published. But still I also wanted to see this image. So, keep up the bad work.

  146. I think ppl need 2 leave her family alone,no matter what she did in life,she was still a child of God & always thank God 4 her blessings,so what she was on drugs & she paid 4 it with her money,career,&life,in the end she looked 2 God & he saved her.

  147. I think that it was ok, they should have had open casket i think get over it she was always in the public and she was a good person,

  148. Her family asked for privacy and dispite how famous/icon Whitney was and still is is really irrelevant. She was in the spotlight for the last 30 years of her life and her family did not want to share this moment and should not have been made to. Whoever sold these pics could very well be someone she and her family trusted. When you have to see and feel the heartache of them having to deall with this be then will you finally have a conscience.

    Sorry Houston family that someone could simply not honor your wishes.

  149. I have to say yes she does look good, but her family deserves the respect and privacy for this not to be publicized! This is awful!!!

  150. Yes I think its Tasteless. Us a ppl need to know when enough is enough. The world had the opportunity to see the whole funeral. If the family wanted a closed casket funeral it shouldve been respected on no photo shouldve been published. Period.

  151. I agree with most of everyone’s comments. Yes, people was curious but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too soon for those pictures. Whitney was a Mega Star not just a super star. But people must remember, behind closed doors, she was/is a mother, a daughter, and a sister. These people aren’t grieving for the mega star, they are grieving for their loved one and the public needs to respect that.

  152. so beautifull, a golden voice, a good life, and then came Bobby Brown,
    the beauty was gone, the voice was gone, the good life was gone,
    such a pitty she’s not here anymore, rest in peace and I hope you have found your place in heaven, Whitney, thanks for the good moments !



  155. How would you like a photo of your dead family member on the cover,your a disgrace and that’s an invasion of a private sad moment, think of her daughter!!

  156. Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, where her family attended a private wake last Friday. The magazine claims the photo was taken at the private viewing.”someone in the funeral home or her close family took those picture’s, she does look beautiful,why isn’t Whitney being put in a vault instead of the ground,and yes i agree everyone needed closer,we all felt the lost of Whitney.R.I.P Whitney

  157. This is shameful. Does anyone ever think about the family? How would you feel if someone violated your privacy or wishes? I do not think this is what Cissy Houston or the family wanted. And what does this accomplish? I never understood why people even purchase this newspaper. I guess it’s that desparate need to be a part of someone else’s life when you have none of your own. I’ve listened to people focus on Whitney’s faults, like they have none of their own, and guestimate what her life was like. Until you walk a mile in someone else’s shoes… All we know is what media shows us and tells us. You don’t really know anything unless you hear it directly from the person or you live with them day in and out. National Inquire should be ashamed of themselves. But oh — they have no shame, just a dedication to making money at any cost.

    • It’s not just black people. White people do it too. Although it;’s usually the older generation. They did it because it was usually the only photo the deceased ever had taken and the loved ones wanted it to remember them by. When my white mother-in-law died her white sister offered to take pictures of her in her coffin, but I respectfully declined. To me it’s creepy, but to some people it’s just tradition. The magazine did it of course to make money.

  158. If you are a celebrity, your life is not your own, even in death those dogs will get their photo no matter what ! Bobby Kistina will always have that memory of her mother laying in her casket. Whitney’s family doesn’t need to see her that way again. I still have memories of seeing my own daughter laying in her casket, dead at the age of 21, remove those rags from the news stands!

  159. although she looks peaceful and beautiful…it should have been the family to release a photo of her…her televised service was closed casket. no one had the right to sneak a photo of her and sell it..even if the fans wanted to see it or should have ultimately been her family’s decision.

  160. If you’re upset, then PLEASE join me by expressing your feelings to the people responsible!!!
    Here is the publisher and responsible parties of the National Enquirer:

    Roger Altman
    David J. Pecker, CEO
    Joe Weider (Weider Publications)

    David Pecker is the Chairman and CEO of American Media.[1] He is the publisher
    of National Enquirer, Star, Sun, Weekly World News, Globe, Men’s Fitness,
    Muscle and Fitness, Flex, Fit Pregnancy and Shape.

    1000 American Media Way
    Boca Raton, Florida 33464-1000
    United States
    Phone: 561-997-7733
    Fax: 561-272-8411

    This time lets do more than just complain by gving them a call and give them a piece of your mind !!!

      • Yes. And please tell the NationL Enquirer that before they paid Cissy Houston for the photo of Whitney they should ask her to please not let Bobbie Kristina buy drugs with the money…. Since Cissy admitted she is exploiting Whitney to help Bobbie Kristina

    • Cissy Houston should be written about! National Enquirer bought the pictures from her or don’t you care? She already sold the memorial service and her clothes.

      Where are all the anti Cissy Houston threads?

  161. Whitney Who? I am so sick of turning on the TV and have to listen to stories about her She is right where she needs to be back in the Ghetto hood of Newark NJ She was an old used up crack Head Prescription drug abuser /alcoholic.Come on people its simple do drugs = death The media needs to stop this frenzy and move on to more Important things in the world For the first time since the early 90’s, Whitney Houston has everyone talking about her last ‘Hit

    • I agree with you on one thing……to the coverage. It is now the time where her family can grieve and try to start the process of moving on. However you comment though you do have a right to your opinion (as asinine as it may be) was truly and utterly heartless. I certainly no one close to you has any issues that they are struggling with. People really need to remember while celebrities have to deal with their issues in front of everyone while we deal with the same things behind close doors. Give them a break, they’re people too. Just think where we would be if GOD judged us as harshly as we judge others.

    • Since early 90’s? She had hits beyond that. I hope more media coverage will be on her just to make you even more sick! Oh wait…Her movie will be out this summer so get ready to catch the flu!

  162. I think it was in very poor taste by the person who took this photo and for the so-called media outlet of the Inquirer. The family is still grieving over their loss. The Houston family was gracious enough to allow the world to see her daughter’s Homegoing service, which they DID NOT have to do. Yes, Whitney’s death has been “trending” however the Inquirer exercised poor judgment in releasing this photo so soon after being laid to rest. This was someone’s daughter, mother, friend who happened to be a celebrity. This negativity must stop with these so called news outlets, it’s disgraceful and merely trying to capitalize on the death of another. Shame on you

  163. I am from the entertainment industry and a lot of times family members don’t even get to see these people except for holidays and sometimes not even that due to the booking of shows. Most of the times stars are closest to the people that they work with everyday more so than their own family, so families don’t forget that the dead cares a lot about these folk and to leave them out when a person dies is wrong. They hang out with them more than you, they know their daily routine more than you. On the road, that is your family too! It is truly a bad feeling to spend time with a person everyday and when they die people that you don’t even know take over and take them away from you…..What! Leslie Green

  164. “Inside Her Private Viewing”…Well, it it was INTENDED to be private…I don’t care if she was famous or not…some things are just wrong morally, and this is one of those things…

  165. This photo, this (life)drama is shattering – but sometimes people need to see such photos – to apprehend that it`s real…but at this photo we see a (beautiful) body, but not Whitney – Whitney is gone. I saw the whole funeral feast in the internet…it was a feast of true love. But sadly it needs such tragedies to say: I love you…and in lifetime we say this words maybe excessively rare.
    With warm greetings from Germany,

  166. although whitney looks very beautiful, who ever took the pic of her is a very distasteful person and very disrespectful not only showing disrespect to her family but to her and to himher self
    i mean show some respect people can be so damn ignorent….. R.I.P WHITNEY..

  167. Live in the spotlight, put your personal business in the news, then EXPECT THIS! The photo was at least tasteful. People really need to get over it, you want to put your funeral LIVE on TV but throw a fit for a photo? Ridiculous! And to top it off, half the people complaining havent given a rats a$$ about W.H in YEARS!

  168. I have mix feelings.. a lot of family and friends take pictures of their love ones,, but this being so high profile i don’t think it was necessary. But none the less this photo shouldn’t surprise us. If the jewelry is real then her grave will need a 24hr guard, that information wasn’t cool at at all because there is someone plotting as we speak, believe that. May she rest in peace even though she is not of the flesh anymore. Let it go everybody, get back to your lives, get back to work, remember her for who she was and is, a mother , daughter, sister, niece and friend. Her memory will live on through her music. God rest your soul Whitney !!!!!!

  169. Whitney Houston lived her life the way she wanted. I can’t imagine the life of a Superstar. She made mistakes. She was human and she had a good soul regardless of what anyone says. She’s free now That picture of her in her casket doesn’t really bother me. I feel sad for her daughter. She will miss her terribly. We don’t really know the facts. The media is cruel. I can bet before they closed her casket that jewelry came off. That’s what most people do. They don’t bury them with it. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I will miss her new music that she will never sing. At least we have her recordings forever. She was absolutely beautiful. RIP Whitney.

  170. Let’s all remember one thing, life is about choices, and Whitney made her choices. She repeatedly chose drugs and alcohol, even after being given a beautiful voice and a very gifted life. Case closed.


  172. To what end is the jewelry put into ground? Could it not have done some good through a charity(ies)? I hope they have 24/7 security for this is a thief’s dream knowing the owner won’t complain.

    • The Jewelry might be used for the viewing and then taken off and left into the family’s estate and then replaced with inexpensive replica’s used for the burial

  173. Regarding the publication of the picture. Obviously there is a market among the citizenry for such or they would never publish such photographs. Taste does not come into it. Many of the same people that say it is in bad taste would still go to the link for the photo. It is human nature. No more, no less.

  174. Are you guys insane to publish the fact that there is worth 500.000 $ in her coffin???
    For less then 100 $ they would dig up the coffin. Great job morons!

  175. The photo shows what kind of people we are in this day and time. What ever it takes to make a dollar. I hope nobody buys that trash

  176. The Enquirer does this all the time.

    They did it with Elvis and they did it with John Lennon. Tasteless to the max.

    And BURIED in half a million dollars worth of jewelry? I find that very hard to believe.

    • The Jewelry might be used for the viewing and then taken off and left into the family’s estate or inexpensive replica’s used for the burial

  177. First of all people, everyones in a uproar over this pic? And your worried about her familys feelings? Lets not forgot their selling her funeral coverage for money. Not to mention, they’ve already seen her like this!

  178. I wonder what the people who support this would think if that was their daughter on the cover of the Enquirer during such a personal and private moment. The family knew the fans needed closure, thats why the funeral was televised, but the viewing of the body was personal and private and should have been respected.

  179. The service was private for a reason. Very tasteless. How dare them. Remember her for whom she was. Rest in peace. Dear whitney……

  180. Whether she looks beautiful or not is beside the freakin point! The picture was obviously taken without the permission of the family and then sold! There is no beauty in that! I for one was unaware of the picture until watching The Talk yesterday and they showed it! It’s just direspectful in my opinion. If her mother wanted the world to see Whitney’s remains she would have opened the casket at the funeral. Some things just aint worth the money. I hope one day slum magazines like the Enquirer are a thing of the past! Rest in sweet peace Whitney Houston!

  181. The only problem I have with this picture is it was taken against the family’s wishes. To see a person lying in a casket is not a disgrace. The disgrace is someone profiting from it. R.I.P. Whitney. And as far as the jewelry, no one said she was going to be buried with the jewels only laid out in them. And if they bury her in them, they were hers and the family can do whatever they want to do with them. Not my business or anyone elses.

  182. The jewels were most likely removed before they buried her, and my bet is mama most likely sold the pic through an associate for cash.

  183. The family could have cut the legs out from under both the photographer and the National SleazeQuirer by making the picture public in advance of the paper’s story. If this IS a real picture of Whitney Huston, (and that’s a big IF, PhotoShop and poog image quaity being what they are) it’s a lovely one. She looks more peaceful in death than I suppose she was looking in life, if her life was so chaotic as to leave her vulnerable to accident, suicide, or whatever were the causes behind it. Not that I’m blaming her family, I’m not… support is a two-way street, but it’s sad that she couldn’t have found more strength in them before this happened. RIP, lovely Whitney. You are already much missed.

  184. Being from a family who owns a large funeral home in Indianapolis, I can attest to the hue of the casket. Any casket that is burnish bronze or gold can appear brown in pictures. Silver caskets can appear gray to black. Lighting is everything and in funeral homes we don’t have stage lighting like they did at New Hope Baptist Church. While I don’t agree that this picture should’ve been taken or released without approval from her daughter and mother. Obviously, if this was taken during a private viewing, for family, guess who took the picture? Yup, a disloyal, money-hungry family member. On the other hand, those of us who are fans of Ms. Houston, wanted to be able to view her body. Not to gawk at her but to say our final good-bye. The beauty of this is that she was as beautiful in her casket as she was on stage. May she rest in eternal peace and God be with and strengthen her mother, daughter and ex-husband.