WHITNEY HOUSTON: Did Cissy Houston Ban Aretha Franklin From The Funeral?

BREAKING UPDATE: Aretha Franklin Breaks Her Silence: I Was Not Banned From Whitney’s Funeral!

Aretha Franklin said she didn’t attend Whitney Houston‘s funeral because of a leg spasm — but now, new reports suggest that Whitney’s mom, Cissy Houston, disinvited the music legend.

According to reports, Cissy was pissed that Aretha appeared on the Today show and told Al Roker this: “Parents really have to talk to their children before they leave home. They have to make sure when they leave home, they have all the right things. She left home with all the right things, but she just kind of lost her way along the way.”

Aretha’s rep denies the singer was uninvited by Cissy, citing leg cramps. But curiously, Aretha took to the stage the following night at a concert in NYC, and seemed perfectly fine…
UPDATE: GossipDavid.com now hears from another source who swears that “Aretha was suffering exhaustion after her Friday performance and her doctor recommend she stay off her feet for a day.”

68 thoughts on “WHITNEY HOUSTON: Did Cissy Houston Ban Aretha Franklin From The Funeral?

  1. I know she had her tough commitments to see through, and perhaps her health is not great some days…but if you have loved and lost someone you claim has been in your life forever and ever, come hell or high water, you are there for the funeral..even if it meant she should drop off from speaking to the funeral congregation and remain seated for resting, she should have been there. If you love someone truly, you will make that effort to be there to support the family. It seems odd that you are ill but you can make it for the work but not for your friend’s daughter’s funeral. Some people got priority wrong in life.

      • Totally agree. She should have been there. Even Dionne Warwick though she was there- and then to do a concert the same night. Something is up. I really didn’t care for her – and now I am totally not a fan of hers.

      • Mis Cissy is the only person that can clear this up. If she didn’t disinvite her, then the weight falls on Aretha. However, I can’t blame her for telling the truth as she saw it. It was her personal decision and wont’ blame her. Fan forever!

    • Maybe,just maybe, the scuddlebutt is true…………….Cissy uninvited her! Whitney was her GodDaughter…………….really? Do you think she wo
      uld have just disregarded that! Dont get caught up in the hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I strongly agree,no one really knows what really happen with Cissy really the funeral was in her control,Lil Bobbi had no control of that if so her Dad would have been right beside her,and she’s 18 consider an adult and you hear all these voices saying how bad Bobbi is doing which I don’t believe,money changes things,here you never once saw not one picture of Bobbi Whitney or Bobby with Cissy,never,I wonder why,

      • How do you know that Bobbi would have had her father there? Did Bobbi tell you that? Unless you intimately know Bobbi, you have no idea what she would or would not have done (most ex-spouses do not attend the funeral of their ex unless they are close, which it’s never sounded like, in reports, that these two were).
        As far as Cissy having control of the funeral, you’re just speculating and have no idea, unless again, you know the family intimately and have been told by them of the details. Being the only legal adult child, Bobbie was the closet blood relative and would have had the legal say in funeral arrangements, unless Ms Houston had made her wishes known. No legitimate funeral home would have acted inappropriately, especially in such a high profile case of someone who is so wealthy, or they would have risked legal action that could destroy their business. If Cissy had the control, it was because Bobbi gave her the control, or Ms Houston’s will stated so. Besides, what’s it to you who did what if you’re not family or a close friend?

        @Goheadon – apparently you don’t recall Elvis Presley’s funeral, or JFK’s, RFK’s, Princess Dianna’s, and… the list is long. Many people had as much or far more attention and honor than this funeral. Don’t be so melodramatic.

      • yes, there are other ways….but the funeral is the ‘final respect’ one can attend…just saying

    • I agree with everyone, after all Whitney was her god daughter! She should of been there. When Dionne called her name to come up and she wasn’t there, it really hurt my heart.

      • Whitney was not her God daugher. Ms. Franklin stated this fact herself, last week. She doesn’t even know how that got started. She was mentor. Darlene Love is Whitney’s God mother.

    • Don’t be stupid, Aretha Franklin Was not committed To attend Houston’s funeral especially with her documented health problems. Some of you idiots who stand on ya soapboxes of stupidity nead to wise up.

    • I totally agree 10000%. I do not care if Aretha had leg spasms or not, she SHOULD have been there for her friend and her Goddaughter. In my opinion, Aretha is a has been and needs to hang it up because She cannot sing anyway. She ain’t got it no more and has never had my R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

  2. This is really a sad situation. You hear several stories not really knowing what to believe, I would hope that this is not true about Ms. Franklin. This family has lost a loved one and I’m sure it’s gonna take a while for them to get thru this. They need all the support they can get at this point and not all of this crap that the media is putting out.I understand that the media and reporters have a job to do but god what about the family….. What has the world come to?????

  3. Parents really have to talk to their children before they leave home. They have to make sure when they leave home, they have all the right things.

    If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black!!!!
    Aretha, your sons are not saints!! They lost their way also when they left home. In fact, one of them got lost in drugs just like Whitney. People living in glass houses should not throw stones!!!

    • read the whole quote…Aretha said that Whitney was given those things that she needed, but somehow lost her way. Please know that these reporters sometimes only give part of the truth to stir up the hype. Always start you response with “if what is printed is the truth….” because we really don’t know what we are reading is the whole truth or not!

  4. Aretha has her own challenges; a funeral of this magnitude would certainly put more strain on her conditions than a concert. She uses whatever methods available to get through traumatic experiences. That being said, Aretha surely loved Whitney no matter what her thoughts were about her lifestyle, as did many people. However, like others, she is entitled to express herself, particularly when the family made a point to continuously publicly say Aretha Franklin is Whitney’s “godmother.” I did not see her comments as disrespectful to Whitney or her family; nor do I think Cissy uninvited her, particularly since she was called to come up as if they were not aware she was not there. Let’s say Cissy did uninvite her, that is her business. It is a lack of respect for her pain, a lack of compassion, a lack of understanding that will make some uncomfortable with her acts.

    Though Witney has contributed much to our entertainment, she has also done many things that would bring tears to the eyes and hearts of those who loved her. For ANYONE to be upset with ANYONE is beyond what I can comprehend. Should Aretha be happy, make a joyful noise when she thinks of the life of someone with so much love being gone from all those who loved her, because…

    I lost my brother at the same age as Whitney, to the same thing. I loved him then and now, however, I did not love his lifestyle, but respected his right to live his life. Bottom line is Whitney is honored for her goodness and has paid for her choices. Just maybe if those who love her realize SHE is responsible for herself. Bobby has his own demons and has that same fate ahead of him. Individually, they were sick, collectively, sicker. All of that sickness as produced more sickness, to her only child. That is what needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY. Whitney’s funeral, her open casket being displayed in a public forum; her death was just as her life. She belonged to Hollywood in life and her death played out the same. Whitney deserves peace, please let her rest. The family has a long hard road and will need prayer warriors in their efforts to save her only child. Cissy needs that love we all had for Whitney. In spite of all else, I love Whitney for who she was, not who I would have wanted her to be. Whitney promoted a Home Going like no other, presidents, dignitaries, other stars, had never been honored in that fashion. ONLY WHITNEY!

    My prayer is that God continues to keep his loving arms wrapped tightly around each of them as they go to and fro. As no man comes to the Father except through his son, I ask in Jesus’ name. And so it is and so it shall be! Amen!

      • Well Said! Futhermore, Has anyone considered, that GOD will be glorified, through, all of this? To God be the Glory, Not one of us, is without sin, and we need to all, pray for her family, and for the millions of people, that suffer addictions. I, was blessed, because, this Annointed, Blessed and Highly Favored, human, that GOD himself created, Whitney Houston, Lived, Shared and Died. It was GOD’s plan.. We need to all give thanks, and Praise God, because HIS plan is perfect.. He makes no mistakes.. Good will come of this. Whitney’s earthly life is over, her purpose was fulfilled, NOW, she is truly singing before God the Father and God the SON… He heard her cry of despair, and took her home!!

      • That is a life time of learning. God is sitting high and looking low and knows all about it. Truth is the light! I pray that we all learn from this, grow from this and be better after this. A child of God nevers dies in vain. If you point a finger, let it be the finger of love for any other comes back not of love. Frank

      • I just have to words on that note But God. Let the Houston family grieve peacefully, Whitneyd daughter doesn’t need a reminder of what happened to her mother. Let’s just keep them in our prayers. You are missed Whitney I loved your music and will continue to play it on your honor. R.I.P

    • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whitney, “I Will Always Love You”! No matter what, you were an amazing human being………Whitney take your rest, and know that God Loved you best!

    • You are so rite nd those words that you wrote are very up lifting…I hope nd pray that ppl read it nd take heed to it,the Houston family just lost a gods gift the world lost a gift…Whitny gave so much to the world she lost her self in the mist,but we all kno the words of the old spiritual song amazing grace,I once was lost but now I’m found….

    • could not have been made any plainer. May God continue to strengthen and comfort the Houston and Brown family in their time of bereavement. GOD BLESS THEM ALL

    • I truly agree with you 100% let the Family grieve in private Cissy would not just uninvite Aretha come on Aretha is not 25 years of age anymore the Sista has to rest and I can understand not attending. Whitney is at peace the family needs Aretha now and she will be there trust me. A long tim Aretha Franklin Fan!

    • @goheadon: Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you for not spewing forth more ignorance. I know that God’s got it all in control & the family’s continuously in my prayers.

    • As far as I know the determination of Whitney’s death has not been confirmed yet so you don’t know how she passed. I’m sorry about your brother but before you compare his death to Whitney’s let’s wait until the autopsy report is revealed.

  5. I really wish people would look @ this being one of their own family members and give Whitney’s entire family the privacy they need to grieve and deal with their lost

  6. Had I been Aretha I would have attended funeral if I had to come in a wheel chair! Leg cramps did not alter her vocal chords!!!!!!!!!!

  7. She could have at least attended the serious. PS parents should teach their children how to eat healthy before they leave the house but clearly Aretha’s big behind lost her way.

    • Let’s not be narrow minded. Everyone has flaws including you. Aretha may be overweight but, I bet she can spell service as you didn’t. As stated before everyone have flaws. You can’t believe everything you read. There may have been medical problems, physical or mental why she didn’t attend. We are not supose to judge.

  8. She could have at least attended the service. PS parents should teach their children how to eat healthy before they leave the house but clearly Aretha’s big behind lost her way.

  9. I only have to say is that God knows best in every thing that we do and say whether we are famous or not and let whitney rest is peace.

  10. Whitney is dead and Areatha being there was not bringing her back. If she had health issues, she needs to take care of herself first- she has a life to live. This is why you give flowers to the living- so they can enjoy them now! Tomorrow is not promised, say your I love yous today!

  11. Aretha made an excuse. Whatever. So sad. She should have been there at Whitney’s funeral. Ever heard of a wheelchair? She has been seen in wheelchairs before. To perform the same night as her Godchild’s funeral is stupid. I would think your godchild is more important. I have no RESPECT for her anymore.

    • We should be careful how we judge someone. Only Aretha and Cissy know the real reasons why Aretha wasn’t there. I have godparents, and they aren’t in good health and I really don’t think my parents would take it personal if they were not there for me. Maybe she was disinvited to the funeral. Maybe Aretha did say something Cissy wasn’t fond of, The outcome remains the same. Bobbi Kristiana lost her mom, and that should be our only concern. When I heard of Whitney’s death, I didn’t think about the rumors of drugs or drinking, I immedeately thought about her daughter. Rumors have she may be dibble and dabbling in drugs. Let’s all just forget about who was at the funeral, who wasn’t at the funeral. Let’s all rally thogether in prayer for her daughter.

  12. I am disappointed in Aretha. However God makes no mistakes. (Aretha was not necessary). God was lifted up and Whitney was recognized for her goodness and her talent. Through all her struggles she never gave up on her belief in the almighty. The maker of heaven and earth. The master who is the captain of our lives. To every- thing and everyone there is a season. Whitney touched a lot of lives not only through her singing but through her struggles, She never gave up hope. She realized that she was weak and could not handle them on her own. I am sure she prayed for peace. While it was not the peace we would have hoped for, I am told it is a perfect peace. I felt like I lost a family member. Surely she knew who Jesus is. To be able to get into the hearts of so many????Must be a child of God.

  13. We will not immediately know why Aretha Franklin didn’t go to Whtney’s funeral. One thing is for certain. Aretha Franklin has a career and Dionne Warwick doesn’t. That uglyno talent old hag
    will show up where there is paparazzi and a camera.

  14. qR.I.P. Whitney another Angel welcomed into Heaven with opened arms. You will truely ne missed but never forgotten your music will continue to love in my heart. Now for the media let Whitney rest in peace and her daughter and family grieve peacefully don’t be disrespectful. Trust God

  15. God has been in controll, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. All of Whitney’s problems have been laid at the Father’s feet. No more suffering or pain, When we are born, that first breath we start dying. We just don’t know the day or the hour. Jesus doesn’t know only the Holy Father in Haven

  16. This is such a sad event. The last few years there was barely anything positve heard or read about Whitney. Stardom dosen’t protect you from the evils of the world. I believe you are at a constant battle when you abuse drugs. When you finally make up in your mind that you have had enough the will is sitll there. Like I said a constant ballte. I am praying for her daughter. We can read and watch the downward spiral of Whitney, but she left a duagher behind, who may have experienced durgs. Let’s pray, and pray hard that her daughter travel down a differnt road. Let’s pray that God gives her the strenght to fight the demons, if it’s true that she has once did cocaine. I pray that God takes about the wanting of the drugs or anything that will harm her. And if her dad can be a postive force in her life may she welcome him back into her life. If he is drug free, her dad is what she needs. There are only a select few who knew what really happened in these lives. So let’s not be to critical and judgemental regarding anyone. Let’s look at Whitney as if she was someone one in our family. We love you no matter what. I pray for her daughter’s well being and the family to rally around her and protect her. All these things I pray and ask for is though Christ Jesus, Amen.

  17. I have my doubts that Cissy Houston disinvited Aretha Franklin. During the service on Saturday Dionne Warwick who was introducing the next speaker(s) announced that the next singer would be Aretha Franklin and had to be told that she wasn’t present. I think if Cissy Houston had disinvited Aretha Franklin she certainly would have told Dionne Warwick prior to the service.

  18. It would take a hand directly from heaven or hell to keep me from seeing my GOD DAUGHTER off! Aretha doesn’t like to fly; never has liked it. But if I had to catch a bus, train, taxi or race horse, I wouldn’t have missed it! Even if Cissy did disinvite her, I’d have to show up and let Cissy cause a scene at her own daughters home going rather than have my name slandered about now showing up! Tacky!

  19. She should have been there. Period. End of story. Leg cramp or not. It wasn’t like she was being asked to STAND for the entire 4 hour event. Give me a break.

  20. Well, neither God mother nor Mentor helped save her life now did they. No one stayed with her 24/7 till she flew straight and beyond. Our opinions don’t matter … what happened doesn’t matter. It happened. Whiney is where her heart has always been, with God. She’s happy and at peace. Focus on whom I call BK (Bobbie Kristina) because I don’t want to utter the name of her dad whom I won’t call a father. BK will become popular. Just wait and see. Focus on Rhianna. Someone needs to slap some sense into her for getting back with Chris Brown…hey wait, maybe Chris will…again & maybe she won’t live thru that one.

  21. I pray that God Holds the Houston Family,friends and everyone like myself who admired and loved Whitney and her music. I’ve never heard a voice like that; it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to her music. Please let us all stop spreading gossip about things we don’t know about and Hold Bobbie Christina ,Cissy Bobbie and all the family up to God!! He is the Alpha and Omega!!! So what we say does not matter anyway!! Leave Aretha along we were not there nor was we privy to her and Cissy Houston’s conversations. Leave it along. We are doing exactly what THE WHITE MAN has always done to us conquer and divide; thats why in the 21st century we are still so far behind other minorities; because if it comes out of THE MAN’s mouth then it has to be the pure gospel truth!!! WAKE UP MY PEOPLE and let’s unite together for ourselves and especially Whitney!! because she was ALL ABOUT LOVE and GOD!!! You could see it in her face,her actions,and that phenomal Spirit that we all felt when she sang!! LOVE YOU HOUSTON FAMILY and FRIENDS; God has his loving arms wrapped all around you;and he will hold you tighter than anyone can;and he’ll be with you every step of the way. NO Human is that awesome,so just fall into his Loving Embrace;and let THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HOLD YOU!!! I’ve been there so I Know what I’m talking about. HE IS still HOLDING ME!!! REST IN PEACE WHITNEY!! WE LOVED YOU!! BUT THE LORD JESUS LOVED YOU MORE!!!! We are praying for you WHITNEY HOUSTON’s FAMILY!! GODSPEED!!!!


  22. Those without sins cast the first stone god is still in charge of everthing, he made you and i man, woman, boy and girl. In other words everthing belongs to god an him alone. So we might as well love ye one another” and forget about hateing people..

  23. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh” Whitney’s is finally at peace in the Lord’s House.”Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone” So many hypocrites. May she rest in peace, Amen.

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