Miley Cyrus: I Never Said! She Denies Commenting About Demi Moore

Miley Cyrus is slamming a bogus Facebook post on her page in which she purportedly discusses Demi Moore.

On February 4, many media outlets reported that Miley wrote on Facebook about Demi (who’s currently at Cirque Lodge rehab in Utah), “Everyone needs to leave Demi alone. She’s been through so much the past year. She doesn’t need the crap. how can you talk crap on someone you don’t know. The media makes everyone in Hollywood seem “weak,” “stupid,” or “unbalanced” … Just because she’s in Hollywood doesn’t mean she’s on drugs. NOT EVERYONE IS ON DRUGS!!!”

But Miley, who stars opposite Demi in the upcoming movie LOL: Laugh Out Loud, took to Twitter Sunday to deny she wrote the post: “Why do people make stuff up. Demi has been nothing but a great friend 2 me & I’ll never speak out on her private life! Its nobodys business.”

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